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Monday, April 01, 2013

Time for Two Birds Inspiration Monday again. It's Allessandra Ambrosio this week - no idea who she is but what a fabulous name!

I went outside earlier today to take some outfit shots, a gust of (freezing cold) wind blew over my fixed-once-with-superglue tripod and snapped the top clean off. The camera took a beating too, luckily it was my compact digital camera and not my new Samsung. It still works - in a fashion - it's stuck on one setting now.

That's two cameras that have perished in the making of this blog!

So, with no tripod I had to make do with good old fashioned mirror shots, I don't think the result was too bad.

I knew I'd wear this as soon as I saw the inspiration picture, it's a Monsoon tunic from eBay, I believe I paid £5 for it. I really like it but probably wouldn't have worn it with a belt if it wasn't for this inspiration. It's another thing that was bought with the thought 'it'll look lovely with sandals in the summer' running through my mind. It's amazing how many items get purchased because of that thought, so many that you'd think we were blessed glorious hot summers. If only!

Hope you've had a lovely Easter weekend.


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  1. I have so many items of clothing that suggest we live in a baking hot climate- oh the rose tinted glasses I do wear!!! You look lovely, great dress!

  2. I've never heard of any of the people on the Inspiration Monday posts.

    1. I normally have to Google them and am often left none-the-wiser. I've since found out that this one a Victoria Secret model.

  3. that sucks about your camera and tripod!! sorry to hear that. you do, however, look great! i love this tunic on you!

  4. also, i never know who these people are, either. we just look on for cute outfits!

  5. great pattern in this dress
    i am dreaming of dresses and sandals


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