Friday Letters #2

Friday, October 12, 2012

William Bird Watches and Waits by Natasha Newton

Dear William Bird, Welcome to your new home. I think you'll look fab sat on the wall on my side of the bed.

Dear Work, Still nothing changes. Please try harder.

Image -  Zara

Dear Zara, PLEASE do not sell out of these boots before payday. Thank you in advance.

Dear Louis Walsh, You are a puppet. Stop it.

Dear X Factor Judges, We know you hate having to make a choice and send someone home, it's 'such a difficult desicion', but we all know that you made up your mind the moment the final two were revealed. Get on with it, you're going to give Dermot an ulcer (we love Dermot).

Dear Alan Carr, Thank you for your comment on Twitter last week after Rylan's 'performance' - "He looked like a bearded Ferrero Rocher". I can't remember the last time I chuckled so much and for so long.

Dear brand new baby niece, You're a cutie, thank you for not crying or vomiting the first time I held you. We're going to get along just fine.

I hope you all have a happy weekend!

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  1. i hope those boots don't sell out, they are pretty amazing!! and congrats on your new niece!!

  2. Lovely letters! Fat chance re Zara- it always happens to me! I joined in this week-hurrah!!

    1. If they're sold out I'll see it as fate and wait for an even lovelier pair to present themselves... (which means I'll hunt high and low until I find another pair - hehe)


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