Make Up, Shake Up #4

Sunday, October 14, 2012

On a recent blogger meet up we all expressed our wonderment at beauty bloggers and their ability to create different make up looks. We decided that our collective make up style was either make-up-on or make-up-off.

Despite a drawer full of the stuff I only ever seem to recreate the same look - neutral eyes with lots of liner. Sometimes I'll add some blush, sometimes a slick of lippy, never both.

So, this week I tried to pick items that would make me try something different - namely, elf primer eyeshadow in Sultry satin and Misty mauve, and 17 eye pencil in metallic purple. Within minutes of applying the eyeshadow my eyes glazed over and began to sting. So it was back to my trusted neutral eyeshadow palettes for me. You can't say I didn't try.

A New Year resolution of mine was to master liquid eyeliner once and for all. Again, I tried (I really did) and I actually started to get the hang of it but when I looked at the result, I had to be honest, it didn't really suit me. It was too harsh so I decided to stick to what I know - a smudgier, smokey eye.

Do you have different make up looks? Is your make up collection, like mine, largely untouched?

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  1. I'm looking forward to finding out how you get on. I want to see your eyeliner flick.

    1. I've probably lost the knack now! Perhaps I will show you though, I could use a second opinion...

  2. i am the worst at applying makeup. and when i try something different, i usually end up looking like a clown. somday i will learn. someday...

    1. It's odd that when I try to do something new it always ends up looking the same! I tend to get the clown effect with blush, I apply it so carefully now you can hardly tell I'm wearing any... what are we like?


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