Sequins - not just for Christmas!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

If you read my recent Next wish list post you'll know that I had this sequin jumper ear marked as a possible contender for Christmas festivities. When it arrived and I put it away neatly with good intentions of 'saving it for best'… but I couldn't. I couldn't wait to wear it.

I had supper with my Mum last Sunday evening and it seemed the perfect excuse occasion to wear it.

When I get something new I want it on my body as soon as I humanly possible. More often than not I wear a new purchase around the house for a while - me in new high heels and my bath robe is not an uncommon sight.

I love the colour, the sequins, the length of the sleeve. It also has glittery elbow patches which came as a surprise (I really should learn to read the product descriptions when ordering online) but I love them. It looked fab with black skinny jeans and ballet flats.

Do you have any new purchase rituals? Or is it just me... ?


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  1. Such a lovely jumper. I love the elbow patches and the sequins on it.

    1. Thanks, I've a feeling that I'll be wearing this rather a lot :)

  2. That is such a beautiful jumper! x

  3. Such a pretty jumper great colour, I like to wear mine first chance.

  4. Pretty jumper, perfect for Christmas too.

  5. A lovely jumper and definitely shouldn't be saved until Christmas. Strangely when I buy something new I like to keep it new for as long as possible so it often sits in my wardrobe for about a week before I wear it.

  6. What a gorgeous jumper, you look lovely in it!
    99.9% of my clothes are second-hand but if I don't wear them within a week of buying them then they're sold or passed on. x

    1. You know what? I really like that idea. Any thing that doesn't get worn much in my wardrobe is largely because it's been hung up and forgotten.


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