Friday Letters #3

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just some random prettiness for you x

Dear Sophie, A butcher? A florist? A pawnbroker?

Dear Self, Stop saying yes to everything and take some time back for yourself. You need to focus on one thing before moving onto another, this constant juggling will wear you out! Also, you've purchased more than enough to see you through the Winter months recently. Stop now.

Dear Oven, You could, at the very least, have finished cooking my sausages before you blew up and stopped working. Microwave meals suck.

Dear Pumpkins, You're doing so well, not long to go now. Please have one last growth spurt before you fulfill your destiny.

Dear Boo, Thank you for calling the other day, it's so typical that that one particular day I had something on that couldn't be rearranged. I'll look forward to seeing you soon though, I have some spa vouchers if you're interested in some pampering? Heck, we could both do with the rest! x

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I have set myself the task of knitting five gingerbread men. I tried earlier this week but failed, possibly because I was texting and playing with Girl Cat at the same time. I also have to make a huge Eton Mess for an event I'm attending in the evening - A Night of Magic. I'm so excited! What does one wear for such a  thing?


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  1. no, no and no ;)
    Hope your oven gets fixed soon, the microwave is no substitute for the real deal.
    Eton Mess should be delicious. Something I could live off. Have a wonderful time at your event! x

  2. i hope your oven is fixed...microwave meals aren't great. i say next time, you treat yourself to a restaurant!! (and a spa day!)

  3. Oooh, Eton mess!!!!! Yum! What does one wear? Well, how about a purple skirt with a black top with silver star accessories??? Or a red cloak!
    Eeek, broken oven! Like my broken washing machine, which remained broken for 2 months before I got a new one!
    Oooh, I very cheekily mentioned you in my Friday letters after reading the start of this quickly in my Googlefollow box earlier! (hope you are talking about CGDN Sophie otherwise my comment makes NO sense!)

  4. Fab letters. Fancy your oven blowing up?! What a pain!

    Do hope you have a good night, sounds like it should be.

    X x

    ps. Thanks fo r you concern about Ashleigh, she seems to be recovering well.

    X x

  5. Nothing worse than a broken oven! Hope the Gingerbread Men work out next time!

    1. Success this time, now I just have to make them into Christmas cards...


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