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Sunday, August 05, 2012

You may have heard me say before that I don't have much luck in charity shops. Last year, despite numerous visits to loads of shops I only found one item - a long thick woolly cardigan. But this year I've had more success, in the last month alone I found these three lovely pieces.

Wearing a dip dye maxi skirt from Mind with a cat in hot pursuit.


Looking very pale in a print t-shirt from Sue Ryder, shorts pre-loved from eBay


Tunic (with pockets!) from Mind.

The t-shirt turned out to be a child's size and the tunic is three sizes larger than I normally wear, it just goes to show that size really is just a number and it's worth having a sneaky peek at everything, you never know what you might find...


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  1. And what great finds they were too. The blue top is lovely, fancy being able to wear a childs top. Your very lucky.

    X x

  2. I am always looking through tops and jumpers a couple of sizes up for a looser fit. You found some great items, love that skirt especially! x

    1. I don't know why it's never occurred to me before...

  3. Love that maxi skirt! I would love to be really good at charity shopping - it's a skill that avades me!

    1. Stick with it! It took me ages but I find you just need to be prepared to rummage x


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