Only Once August #2

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day two of Only Once August...
I've only worn this top once before because it's a recent purchase, it's the skirt that's been in my wardrobe for a while. I must have purchased it within the last year but I have no recollection of when. It's probably the side split that keeps me from wearing it - who wants to have a thigh high split when its windy and raining? Today was the first time out for the bag too - it was a bargain in the White Stuff sale - £32 reduced to £19. I bought it as a beach bag but as I have no plan to visit a beach anytime soon (more's the pity) I decided to use it day-to-day.

Day three's top is a rarely worn rather than a never worn and until recently this was the closest thing in my wardrobe had to pattern. I love this top, I really don't know why I don't wear it more...

Day four - a two outfit day. I helped out on a stand at a local music festival raising money for a charity I'm involved in. Please excuse the hair across my face, I thought Tink looked too cute not to use this picture.

In the evening I went to a friend's Birthday party. I opted for a little evening sparkle with some sequins, I've definitely not worn this so far this year. I took along a few party essentials - a gift, cardigan (for when the evening turned cold - my Mum would be so proud) and a bottle of Amaretto. What more could I need? I had the worst luck taking these photos so I decided to use the out takes, I hope they give you a laugh, here I am flicking my hair, trying - and failing - to stop my hair getting stuck to my lipgloss and talking to the boy cat, Socks.

Day five - a lazy day in my favourite shorts. In between the rain I pottered in the garden with Tink. It was all about comfort and I have to admit the shades helped with my delicate head (see previous day and bottle of Amaretto).

Day six - Monday was Two Birds Monday Inspiration. Lack of planning meant I had to wear a different dress to the one I really wanted. Will this teach me a lesson? Probably not.

Day seven - wearing the dress that I really wanted to wear yesterday. I figured out why it I hung it up wrinkled - it's a pig to iron and creased within minutes of putting it on. I love it though and it's huge pockets, the belt really shows them off and gives me somewhere to tuck the end of the belt in too!

Day eight - it has become apparent that my rarely worn items seem to be dresses. I do find it so easy just to pull on a pair of jeans in the morning. I bought this dress last year in the sale - just £7.00. I'm also using my gorgeous Custard Designs bag, it doesn't get used nearly as much as it should! And whilst I love my bird cage umbrella, I do wish it got a lot less use. Drizzle is the worst!

Are you taking part in Only Once August? How are you getting on?


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  1. I should do this, I have so many 'worn once' items in my wardrobe... I'm terrible for going back to the same things all the time. I've been having an epic clearout lately though, and lots of stuff is being culled.

    1. I always rediscover items when I shop my wardrobe, just as much fun as shopping but a lot cheaper!

  2. Aww Tink is such a cutey! She looks so grump in the first picture! x

    1. Hehe, she didn't want her photograph taken, she wanted breakfast!

  3. i love the blue dress....but it sucks that it wrinkles so easily! and that last dress is so pretty on you, too!

  4. Oh Hazel I love ALL your outfits! that maxi dress with the scarf makes for such a lovely silhouette. x

  5. Oh well done, it's going so well! Favourite items have to be both blue dresses and the scarf in the last photo!

  6. Oh y ou're doing really well. I keep falling into bad habits with my trusty black mary janes. Someone ought to hide them from me.
    I love your maxi skirt in the first photo and the blue dresses :)

  7. This is such a great challenge! I love the orange maxi skirt and the long grey dress especially, you really suit the maxi length.

  8. You did so great with this so far. I failed miserably and have spent SO much money.

    I love your maxi skirt!!

    Sarah Betty xx


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