Only Once August #6 and the anatomy of an outfit

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 25 of Only Once August and I wore a dress purchased from ASOS Marketplace in July.

When I put it on I had no idea what the finished outfit would be. Thanks to an unexpected change in the weather the first item I added was a pair a black footless tights. I pondered black ballet pumps and discounted them on account of the rain that was tip-tapping on my window at that precise moment.

I decided on a pair of boots that have been put into, and subsequently rescued from, the charity bag on several occasions (in all honesty they have been rescued more times than they have been worn!).

The baby doll style and floral pattern of the dress felt a little girlish so the boots toughen things up a bit. I'd already decided on minimal make up - no eyeshadow, no blush - as a 'full face' also felt too girly. It was for this reason that I kept my hair down and unfussy too.

I considered jewellery, put some on, took it off again, tried something else. In the end I settled on a beaded bracelet and two leather Pandora bracelets, one with charms.

My bag, although pink, was big and slouchy enough not to look twee and picked out a colour in the pattern of the dress, breaking up the density of the black.

Some days I know what I am going to wear, right down to the last detail, before I even get out of bed. But this outfit took a while.

Do you have days like this?
How do you go about putting an outfit together?

After all the umming and ahhing I decided that I liked the finished result, although I felt it lacked one thing - a classic leather strap watch. I indulged in some online browsing - just browsing though, my spending ban was still in place. And here is what I found...

Fossil Georgia leather and stainless steel watch in tan and Wallace leather watch in brown or sand

Incidentally the Wallace style is also available in rose...

This isn't the first time that I've felt the need for a watch such as this, which is a pretty good indication that it would be a good investment buy.


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  1. I used Asos marketplace to get a camo jacket for one of my daughters, its great!

    1. I could spend an absolute fortune there...

  2. That babydoll dress is amazing. I love how great it looks on you!
    I have the same thing. There are some outfits that I just throw on, but other's that take me ages, especially when it gets to accessorising.

    1. Thanks Sherin, I was wondering if I would keep it, it's not something I would normally wear, but now I think I'll keep it x

  3. Its not a dress style I'm used to seeing you in but it does look great. I totally agree about the bag looking just right with it.
    I used to wear a watch every day for years and years then when my last one stopped I just gave up and don't really miss it. Funny really x


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