Only Once August #4

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 16 A complete 'rarely worn' outfit today, white linen trousers, t shirt (the same t shirt in a, slightly, different colour was worn on day 11), bag from Stylist Pick (LOVE this), clogs from Next almost 2 years ago.

Day 17 Today was inspired by Alex, who spent a week joining in the challenge, go see her boxer pic - I love it! I knew I had a long day at work ahead (8.15am - 23.00pm as it turned out), I was helping in the print room. After yesterday's heeled, white lined trousered impracticality, I needed something for work of a manual nature (it involved bubble wrap so I was happy to get involved). The hoodie isn't worn a lot but I do like it, the trainers are my only purchase from a trip to New York. Can I say it again? ...from a trip to New York. One day I'll go back and visit Central park in the sun, the Guggenheim, Tiffany's (again) and possibly indulge in a little more shopping than last time. I'd love to have a mosey around a flea market and trawl a few charity shops.

Day 18 Saturday and a hot one! I think that I look a little bit like a Zoom lolly in this maxi skirt. It's a recent charity shop find and this is only it's second wearing. The necklace is at least two years old, a bit of a favourite but not something that goes with everything...

Day 19 I had to mend this before I could wear it, it has a tiered skirt and every time I step on the hem - a common problem I find with maxi dresses - I tear one or a number of the seams. The shrug is from eBay, purchased in April, this will be it's third time out (I feel like the lottery announcer - Number 48, second time out this month, the bonus ball on Wednesday). The necklace was one of my first purchases from ASOS Marketplace, it's really cute but I can't get it to sit straight...

Day 20 Back to work. I felt that I had no choice but to opt for jeans and a t shirt today, I knew I would be working between the studio and the print room so it had to be practical and easy to move in. Neither get worn on a regular basis, I had begun to wonder if this is because I have too many clothes but I do tend to stick to the same few items and wear them over and over so this can't possibly be the case. Phew!

Day 21 I love this shot of Tinker, something has obviously just caught her attention. If I had to caption this it'd be "WTF?". This shirt dress is another item that doesn't get worn as much as it should.

Day 22 Another day working in the print room so a totally uninspired outfit... roll on the weekend!

Only nine days of Only Once August to go. I hoping for more sun as I have some skirts that need wearing...


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  1. Gosh, you're doing well with this, Hazel. I'm still finding things which I've never worn.
    I love the necklace in your Zoom lolly outfit, and your lottery ball talk made me giggle.
    I think I need to start a cardigan challenge. Maybe we could have cardigan week when the weather gets a bit chilly? I have so many which have never been worn. It's a travesty.

  2. I've said it before, but you really are my challenge heroine!

  3. What do you do for a job? All the references to printroom have me intrigued!
    SO many lovely elements in these outfits- love the 'collage' necklace and the butterfly one and the Zoom ice-lolly comparison was brilliant! I have exactly the same problem with Maxi-skirts and dresses, especially ones in cheesecloth cotton!

    1. I'm a graphic designer. The department I work in specialises in retail graphics. We design packaging and POS graphics. We also have a print room which means we can print all graphics, manufacture the displays and install them too. We do anything from countertop displays to 18ft displays in DIY stores. Sometimes we design, build and install do exhibitions and events too. It's pretty varied really.

  4. I like this challenge and you've definitely met it. I am in envy of your fab tan bag!xx

    1. It's lovely huh? It's shocking that it gets used so little - my next challenge should be one of a bag variety!

  5. Love the green trainers, love the zoom lolly skirt even more!
    You are doing so great with this challenge, it's inspiring!

  6. Your outfits are just perfect and you certainly pull of white linen better than I ever could!

    Sarah Betty xx


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