Autumn in retrospect

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Autumn has gone by so quickly this year, it hardly seems possible that we're at the end of 2016 already. I'm looking forward to slowing down and spending time with family over the next few weeks. I need a break, life has just been all too hectic!

How did I do on my autumn list?

1. Forage for sloes and make some gin
I made some blackberry gin this year, as well as a small quantity of elderberry gin, but I waited too long to forage for sloes and missed them. I do have last year's batch to enjoy over Christmas though.

2. Go to the beach
I went only once, this time accompanied by my husband, we stayed over night in a hotel looking out over the sea.

3. Watch a live theatre production at the cinema
I didn't make it, but there is always next year...

4. Carve a pumpkin or two
I got my mitts on a power drill and got Yayoi Kusama-esque!

5. Watch a creepy film on Halloween
Andy and I watched the final two Saw films. Although I still haven't given them back to the person who lent them to me several years ago!

6. See a film in the afternoon (at the cinema)
Autumn got busy, and time disappeared. A nice one for my winter list though!

7. Visit our local museum
We said we'd return, we still haven't. One day... maybe.

8. Felt for Christmas
I had such plans! And failed to make a single thing.

9. Leave the country
Nope. Time and work did not allow. Andy seems to have gone off the idea of visiting France, which gave me a temporary glimmer of hope for a foreign adventure.

10. A walk in the park
I wanted to visit Holywells Park. But I failed to do this too, I had a few lovely walks woodland with Andy though.

Autumn has been busy, although I didn't tick off everything on my list I did, amongst other things, learnt to crochet, went on a charity shop jaunt with Sophie, lunched with friends, gave blood, held two craft stalls, foraged, naturally treated allergies, hosted a firework night, visited family, dined with friends, went out - like out out, after dark - four times (that's a lot for me these days). Yup, it's been a good season on the whole.

And now for winter.

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  1. I really want to watch a live theatre production in the cinema too, one for next year! xx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Let's see if we can see the same one!

  2. I think I missed Autumn, it seemed to change from an Indian summer to a shitty Winter in a matter of days! xxx

    1. We had a pretty good Autumn in terms of weather, lots of crisp bright days as the colours turned and leaves fell. It definitely feels like winter now - lots of cold frosty, misty mornings and the temperature has dropped noticeably.

  3. For me, it's not just Autumn which whizzed by, but the whole year. When we put up the Christmas tree last week, it was as if we'd only just put it away. As my dad died this year, I can't wait to get it over with, but there were some positives too. xxx

    1. The year has gone by in a flash!
      The first after losing someone is always the worst, next year will be better x


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