Weekend Wishlist | Birthday Edition

Friday, August 05, 2016

It's my birthday at the end of the month and people IRL have been asking what I'd like, it's come around so quickly I hadn't really thought about it, but it didn't take me long to think of things I'd be more than grateful to receive.

As ever I have a long want-to-read list so added the first ones that sprang to mind to my wishlist, I seem to have found my reading grove again and am reading regularly. This is partly due to more evenings spent alone, and the sun making an appearance. I can often be found in my hammock lost in a book, or snuggled on the sofa with cat and tea, delighting in the opportunity to spend hours not moving or speaking, immersing myself between the pages.

Recommendations would be much appreciated if you have any?

Rock Rose Gin
Or if it's been released by then, the Summer Edition would be most welcome. This is the best gin I have ever tasted, and no birthday is complete without gin.

Y.A.S Dress size S
Simply because it's lovely. And it's a midi dress, and I'm loving the midi.

Toms in barberry pink, size 5.5
Sadly, my first pair of Toms have seen better days. I've worn them so much, and have been really impressed with how well they've lasted. Not only have they been worn a lot day-to-day since I purchased them in 2013, they've also seen me through two dusty weekends at Latitude, and travelled to the Sahara with me. I'm sure a replacement would be worn just as much, I can't imagine being without pair.

Hunter Wellington Chelsea boots in glossy black, size 6
I've been looking for some leather boots as every pair I own, bar one, are suede. Looking to autumn and winter I'll be needing some weatherproof boots. I often just want to pull on my wellies (I love my wellies) but I think wearing wellies out and about, if it's not raining heavily or very muddy, makes you look like a bit of a wanker. So I just wear them close to home. These Chelsea boot style wellies would be perfect for times when full boots are a bit much for wandering about.

Jacqueline sand leather strap watch  /  Original boyfriend blue chronograph watch  /  Georgia blue leather strap watch  |  All from watches2u.com

Either of these gorgeous Fossil watches would be so lovely to own. There's something about the styling of Fossil watches that really appeals to me. To my mind they're just as important as other accessories. I change my watch like other people might change a necklace.

What have you been coveting anything recently?

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  1. I'm loving the watches and I wouldn't mind the shiny wellington Chelseas myself. xxx

  2. I'm a pain to buy for as I never want anything! I usually tell people to buy me booze, then it always gets used! xxx

    1. I can always think of something (twist my arm, haha!), but books and booze are always good!

  3. I can very much recommend The Rest Of Us Just Live Here, which together with Simon Versus The Homosapien Agenda & Dumplin' has been one of my favourite YA reads of the past few years. I also recently read The Museum Of You by Carys Bray and loved, loved, loved it. One of the few non-YA books I've loved so much, in fact.

  4. I love my Toms! I now have four pairs and I bouhgt CBC some !!!! They are fab!

    1. I love mine, at first I hated them. I thought like they looked like bandages and didn't think I'd ever own a pair, now I'd like them in several colours. I wear them so much. And I'm so impressed with how well they've lasted, definitely worth every penny.


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