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Friday, July 18, 2014

I love those days when you go into a charity shop and find loads of really cool stuff. I had some time to waste before my dentist appointment (teeth are A-OK, yay!) and I ended up leaving with an armful of bits and pieces.

I've given up looking at the clothes in my local charity shop. The prices just keep going up and up and I refuse to pay such prices for second hand clothes - no matter what brand they are (I trawl the charity shops in Ipswich instead as they are more reasonably priced). I seem to have a maximum spend in mind for second hand clothes, I dont know where it comes from, but it's proving to be steadfast.

There is a good sized bric-a-brac section at the back of the shop though.

I picked up this small wicker picnic basket for a fiver, it'll sit on the top of my wardrobe with my other ones - I'm thinking I'll fill this with clutch bags to clear some (much needed) room in the wardrobe space.

I found a book that I've been wanting to read - Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doherty - for 60p. I'm reading more this year in an effort to decrease my to-read pile and it's working, slowly, so I don't feel too bad about buying another book. Have you read this?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants DVD - perfect viewing for a night home alone. At £3.25 it's not cheap, most charity shops only charge a pound for a DVD, but I kinda wanted it and I prefer my money go to a charity shop over Amazon whenever possible.

Rather colourful tie hangers. I'd been meaning to get some for Andy for ages and while these aren't the colours that Andy would choose, I figured that no one sees in our wardrobe anyway, so for £2.25 I bagged them.

This necklace was £2 (I think it's originally from Boden). I'm going to take it apart and use the beads for some bag charms and tree decorations to sell at a Christmas bazaar (thinking ahead!). But not before I've worn it for a wedding in September...

I picked up this little purse and it gave me such a jolt of nostalgia I didn't even question whether or not I'd be keeping it. I had a tan coloured one when I was really little. It's too small to be of any use but it makes me smile and that's got to be worth the 75p I paid.

And lastly I found this wreath. I'm going to get my craft on and do something festive with it. I don't know what yet exactly but at 65p I wasn't going to leave it behind. We're having a wood burner and mantlepiece fitted soon (exciting!!) and I can see this perched on top come December.

I love it when I find something that someone has discarded, that I can put to good use. When I'm done with the book and the DVD I'll pass them on to someone else or give them back to charity to be enjoyed again.

I found myself in The Salvation Army shop in Ipswich a few days later, I picked up this Miss Selfridge top for £3.49. Apologies for the mirror shot... they seem so much easier than setting up the tripod these days.

I found a Wallis cardy for £3.50 too, but the best buy of the day was a Cynthia Rowley LBD for £3.99. I think the dress has to be my best secondhand purchase ever. I'd heard the name before (on Sex and the City, hehe) so I had a look online and saw the prices. Oh my. £3.99 is quite the bargain! I'll do an outfit post soon.

Have you had any good charity buys recently? What is the best bargain you've found?


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  1. I really want a picnic basket like this! My most recent charity shop purchase was months ago now, but a cute ceramic dish with a wicker handle which looks perfect in my bedroom (and holds lots of sweets!) x

    1. I need a sweetie dish in my bedroom!

  2. Oooh, nice finds!! I like the too and v nice necklace too!!

    Yes, cancer research near me charges a lot for things! X

    1. The Cancer Research near me seems reasonable, it varies so much from place to place..

  3. You had me at Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I loved that movie. I think they have made a second one, I must look for that. I have next week off work and I have OP shopping on my list of things to do, cant wait. You found some great bargains, I love the colour of you top it's so pretty.

  4. Great finds! Apple Tree Yard was brilliant - I couldn't put it down!

  5. Love the pink top. I haven't had time for charity shopping much lately but definitely need to make some.

  6. i've picked up a couple of good things at charity shops lately - mostly books tbh but also a laura ashley dress which is great (needs a little taking in on the bodice).


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