And erm, what happened to April?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

 My post title is a little déjà vu perhaps? Yep, although we're not quite at the end of April, I do feel like this month has disappeared a little quicker than I would have liked. And no posts again either.

Work has eased a little but mostly I blame my addiction to my patchwork quilt. It's coming along nicely, although I broke a resolution in starting it. I'd promised myself that I wouldn't start any new projects until I'd finished all the ones I'd started or had in the queue. But then I figured the best plan of action would be to get on with it, finish it and then worry about all those other projects.

It's about 1/4 of the size it needs to be so if I continue as I have it'll take another six months to finish. Yikes! That's a scary thought, I'm likely to get bored if it does take that long. Better get a wriggle on.

I've done a little shopping in April. I searched high and low for a dress I could wear for a wedding this weekend. It's been described as a 'casual wedding', men don't have to wear a suit or a tie but what does that mean for the ladies? It's all a bit confusing for me. I decided that I would still make an effort - it's their special day after all - and I'd rather look overdressed at a wedding (mainly because if I did decide to go casual I can guarantee that I'd be the only one and I'd end up looking like a complete dick).

imagine this in dark green on a brunette who is shorter and a little wider...

I saw this dress months ago on ASOS (in green) but when I went to buy it they only had red ones in stock (although it looks more orange to me). Red seemed a little too 'look-at-me', especially for a casual wedding and I was gutted. For some reason I returned the next day and found that they had a green one in stock but in size smaller than I usually wear. I ordered it anyway as it's a wrap dress and it fits perfectly.

It's an excellent dress (good length - not too long, not too short), has some shape but not too fitted (easily adjusted to accommodate a huge wedding breakfast food baby), can be worn with bare legs if good weather, black opaques if bad - almost the perfect dress for a wedding and something that I'm certain I'll wear again. I will be adding a few strategically placed stitches at the neckline though...

And... I have ordered my very first pair of Irregular Choice shoes! Eeeeep!  They arrive tomorrow and I'm stupidly excited.

I ordered this skirt too. The material reminds me of a Granny's dressing gown - flammable and quilted - but it has a certain crapness factor that I kinda love - so I'm tempted to keep it, even though I have no clue when I'd wear it. What do you think?

I have a ball to go to at the end of May and am trying to convince myself that I can wear something I already own but where's the fun in that? I could wear my bargain black maxi skirt with a different top, or I could wear my much neglected red dress but I really, really want something new (or new to me). I think this is what's referred to as a bad case of The Wants. It's not doing much for my eBay addiction either.

I hope April has been kind to you all and I hope to catch up with your blogs soon, just don't think I'm stalking you if I leave (or already have left) numerous comments.

Have fun!

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  1. Replies
    1. Can't wait for them to arrive tomorrow!

    2. they would be pretty cool with that dress, too!

  2. And you expect me to be happy that a QUILT is the reason you have not been entertaining me with blog posts??? TSsk, tsk!!!! Luckily, for you, I am very forgiving ;-)
    Ooooooh, the shoes, the shoes- how exciting and the dress sounds very nice but what a difficult occasion to interpret!!Eeeks- yes, I'd be stressing a bit!!! I think you're going the right way about it though!!!
    Hurrah for a ball- if only you lived closer, I'd say, I have stacks of evening gowns, come and borrow!! (My friend who was 17, went to a spate of balls and occasions at her school and spent most of the year in my evening gowns! That's being a musician for you!) x

    1. Ha! I feel suitably told off! If it helps, I'm planning in taking part in Blog Everyday May, to kick me back into regular blogging.
      I think I've got my ball outfit sorted (maybe - I'm so indecisive!)

  3. The dress is going to look awesome on you with those shoes, you MUST get pictures! The quilt is an absolute beauty, time well spent indeed.
    The midi skirt looks so pretty but I would have no idea how to wear it, if it was me I'd try a long sleeved slightly cropped top or jumper, maybe in white or cream.
    For the ball what about your navy Coast dress? Or is it long gone? x

    1. I will try to get pictures, I promise.
      I think the skirt would look nice worn with a tucked in shirt, but knowing me I'll go for a simple black top.
      I still have the blue coast dress (well remembered) but I'm going to the ball with the same crowd so would like tk wear something different...

  4. The quilt looks great so far! Love those shoes too! Good choice.

  5. How fast has April gone! Love your new purchases and quilt x

  6. Oooh that dress looks so pretty.

    Dress codes are my worst nightmare. The one for my friend's rehearsal dinner in the US was the most mind boggling to me - Resort Casual.


    I love your quilt - it's making me want to join in on the action as well!

    1. Resort casual?! Um. No, I've no idea.

  7. Oh, I hate dress codes. I love the skirt, though - where is it from, pleasE? x


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