Wearing It All over again...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'd been mulling over the idea of doing my Wearing it All challenge again, but I couldn't seem to make up my mind. So, in the spirit of my motto for 2014, I decided to just get on with it.

I started last week and have worn almost all of my jeans already - foolish! But it has been nice to think about what I put on in the mornings a little more.

The rule is simple - I have to wear everything in my wardrobe before I can wear something for a second time. The only items that are not included are those that have been put away for the summer.

Looking back through my posts on doing this the first time, I played a game of still got / not got / what was I thinking!? / I wish I still had, and I realised how much I enjoyed this challenge. I found that it made me evaluate what I had in my wardrobe and get rid of bags full of clothes that I didn't like and no longer wanted. Some things hadn't even been worn.

The challenge helped me to change my thought pattern when buying dresses and skirts. Instead of thinking 'a tan and a cute pair of sandals and this would be fabulous', I've learnt to ask myself 'how will I wear this and, more importantly, will I actually wear it?' I have rarely tanning and the rubbish British weather to thank for this. A number of items have been put back on the rails as a result, which is one of the things I was hoping to achieve.

This time I'm looking to do a little streamlining and find some new ways to style what I have.

Here's my first week. The first outfit was to see if the jumper I'd shrunk in the wash was salvageable. Although it is a different shape now, it still fits.

I'm giving the jumper (bottom left) back to the charity shop as the sleeves are a little short and a bit too wide for my liking, I should've tried in on. After discovering that I wasted roughly £240 last year on things that didn't fit or didn't suit me (and couldn't return because they came from charity shops or eBay), it was obvious that I need to try before I buy where ever possible.

The jeans (bottom left) are going too, with only 2% elastane they lose their shape in no time at all (note to self - always check the labels), so my wardrobe is two items lighter already.

The final outfit is a dress I haven't worn since the summer, I had no idea how to style it for cold weather as it's short sleeved, drop wasted and quite wide but my one and only sale purchase - the long grey cardigan - was just perfect. Not too bulky but with enough room for the dress to sit nicely underneath. It might not do much for my figure but it's so comfy to wear that I'm not at all bothered.

I'll be keeping a record with a weekly Wednesday WIA#2 post. Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck with this challenge lovely, can't wait to see how it progresses xo

    1. Thanks Laura, I do like a good rummage in the depths of my wardrobe!

  2. Great challenge! I'm just distracted by the ridiculously neat clothing organisation in the background! X

    1. It has to be organised Kezzie, I'd never find anything otherwise!

  3. Good luck with this, its a great inspiration to see if all your clothes deserve their wardrobe space.

    X x

    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed it last time and it was definitely worth doing!

  4. You are so organised! I just can't face being ruthless about getting rid of (or not buying) clothes x

    1. It's a battle between my love of clothes, my limited wardrobe space and my inner neat freak... I'm not sure any of them ever really 'win'.

  5. Ah I'm so glad that you're giving this challenge another go!

  6. You have great style! And that's a very good tip regarding checking the labels for jeans to see the percentage of elastic. I hate when jeans lose their shape so quickly! I hope the challenge works as well as last year's seemed to.

    Jen | gingerellaj.blogspot.co.uk


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