Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee seems like ages ago now, but at the time I was hooked - I cried! I cried at a program about sewing!! Please tell me I'm not the only one?

In addition to giving me a hankering to get on my sewing machine it also inspired me to learn to crochet and dig out my knitting sticks too.

Ann - love her!

I fell in love with Ann's crochet scarf and did some serious iPlayer stalking to capture every possible image that I could. It looks a tad intricate for a complete crochet beginner but I think I can fashion something along these lines, given enough time and some pretty wool.

 My first attempts at crochet.

My first attempt at crochet was helped greatly by this introduction tutorial, swiftly followed by this one. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

In the first episode I thought that Lauren's scarf was rather lovely too and much easier to make. I failed to get any screenshots, a Google search gave me nothing - not a picture I wanted anyway, I did happen across Lauren's online shop and blog and Tilly's blog too, so it wasn't an entirely wasted exercise. Anyway, it was a long and thin scarf, light brown with orange tassels along the length... remember it? Maybe you will when I've made it.

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  1. Oh very impressive first attempt at crocheting! I'd quite like to learn to crochet.

    1. The videos mentioned are well worth a look, I found them so helpful

  2. I definitely need to learn ow to crochet - I've wanted to learn for ages.

    1. Check out the videos, so helpful. You do need to keep pausing and then going back and watching again but they're really good!

  3. I agree it was a wonderful series. And so happy that it inspired you, I get so much pleasure from making things. Your first attempt at crochet is amazing!

    1. Thank you :) I can't wait to get the project underway

  4. Man I loved that scarf so much. I didn't care for the programme that much, but that scarf....

  5. I was really disappointed to miss the Great Sewing Bee as I love sewing. I had never really considered crocheting but there is an amazing crochet shawl at People Tree that I can't afford perhaps I could try and make something similar! So many other colourful crochet possibilities too.


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