Friday Letters #8

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dear Fringe, Welcome back. I tried to live without you but it turned out that I just couldn't. I feel like me again.

Dear Work, I'm worried. Really worried, why won't you just tell us ALL what's going on? Rumour, speculation and heresay are no substitute for facts - cold and hard as they may be. We're all adults here, we can handle it.

Dear Self, Worry not about the things you can not control.

Dear Self, Now that you have cracked your iPhone screen twice, this time to the point where it no longer works, will you please invest in a rubber case?

Dear Blog Friends, Sorry for my absence. I'm just dealing with the necessary at present and trying to grab some calm in between.

Dear Friday, I am not at work today, it's just you and I. Let's wrap Christmas gifts and put pretty bows on everything!


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  1. Hazel, sorry to hear that your worklife is proving worrysome. I agree that it's better just to know than be left with doubt hanging over you. Such a bad time of year for it too. Keep you chin up (easy to say I know). Take all the chill time you can x

  2. Don't worry! You'll be fine!!! x

  3. hope you got lots done on friday and that your upcoming week will be calm and fabulous

    1. Friday was lovely thank you and I'm trying really hard to take some time out in the festive mayhem x

  4. if you ever learn how to not worry about things you can't control, let me know how!! i hope you get the answers and the calm you are looking for!

    1. Meditation is probably the answer. Or alcohol.


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