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Friday, September 28, 2012

September 27th is a good day for me but I think I told you all about that in my first birthday post...

World of Joy was two yesterday (obviously I had a cupcake to celebrate). And these two adorable things turned a whole, whopping, five years old too. That makes them 37 in cat years - the same age as me! I wish I could sleep as much as they do.



Both have made several appearance's on this here blog. Socks has turned out to be a real poser but Tink took her time in making an appearance.

When I started this blog I had no idea how long I would continue with it, or much idea of what is was I wanted to say. I just knew I liked writing and fashion and pretty things. And cats. And this is exactly what it has become, a place for me to ramble, interact, challenge my wardrobe. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I go AWOL for a while but it has become a constant in my life that I really enjoy.

Blogging is an odd thing, I don't talk to my friends about it. Some of them know, but no one speaks of it and in that respect it feels like a dirty little secret. Some people just don't get it, and that's fine. You get it and I've enjoyed reading your blogs and getting to know you all a little over the past two years.

How do you explain you blog to your friends or do you keep it to yourself?


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  1. happy blog birthday!!! because we started our blog as a companion to our business, most people in our lives know about it. i don't tell people at work, though.

  2. Such adorable cats!

    I only recently started publishing my new blog posts on facebook but other than that I don't really discuss it with friends and family. I have had a few old friends contact me through Facebook saying they read my blog all the time which is nice & totally unexpected!

    Lisa x

    1. It's so nice to get positive feedback from people you know.

  3. Happy Blog birthday! And happy birthday to your cats too!

  4. Ok, there is no way in hell you are 37?! Dude, I thought you were my age!

  5. I have my Mum to thank, she is 60 and doesn't look it, although have you noticed that I don't do many close up shots... ;-)

  6. Tink is gorgeous! I don't speak much about my blog as its my place to vent and ramble about anything I like.

    Are you really 37?! I, like Laura would never have ever thought that. Bottle what ever your secret is cause you would make a fortune!!

    X x


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