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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Having heard murmurings about Nelly.com, on Twitter and in blog posts, I was curious to see what the buzz was all about. I started by clicking on 'New In' (a good a place as any) and was first struck by the accessories. This came as no surprise to me as I go through shopping phases and I'm currently in the thick of an accessories phase.

This isn't to say other item didn't catch my eye. I can assure you they did. They have been stored in my brain under 'for future reference'.

The accessories...

As the weather warms I start to wear bangles and bracelets more frequently. This is just a small selection of the ones that made me say "oh... that's nice"

Top row, left to right - BIJOUX BY US | mint. | RoyalBLUSH
Bottom row, left to right - syster P | RoyalBLUSH | SOPHIE by SOPHIE
All images from Nelly.com

Of course I don't need anymore bags, but that has never stopped me 'looking'. They have a fantastic range, to cover every handbag eventually (I mean, who DOESN'T need a silver clutch bag?!).

Top row, left to right - NYPD | Ralph Lauren | ROSiE & ROSES
Bottom row, left to right - FRIIS & COMPANY | MINIMARKET | Mischa Barton
All images from Nelly.com

Have been and said 'hello' to Nelly yet? She is ever so lovely.

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  1. I spent far too long browsing Nelly earlier, ultimate distraction.

  2. Oh dear. I fear I may have to spend some money.


  3. I was at their press day last week and they had some really cool stuff. Still need to explore the site more.

    1. I would have like a child in a sweet shop! I'm just trying to decide what to order - one big thing or lots of less expensive things? Decisions...

  4. Some lovely things. If only I had some spare money.

    X x

  5. those bangles look lovely. I'm still on a spending ban (haha) so I shouldn't start browsing.

    1. I wouldn't if I were you, it's just too tempting!

  6. I go through shopping phases and I'm on an accessories kick too! Those two leather bracelets with the ring on them, a friend of mine had some like that like two years ago and she paid a lot. These are cheaper then she paid, but still to expensive for me:-(

  7. I love the baby blue and mint green bracelets on the top row- they look so summery and the Ralph Lauren bag... if I had the money ha ha


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