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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Do you ever come across a blog post that crystallises something that you'd been pondering?

This happened when I read Alex's recent post.

I had intended to enter Ceri's ethical fashion competition (I broke my camera and missed the deadline) and had been trying to define what ethical fashion means to me. Reading Alex's post made me think 'Yes! Exactly!'. From there the whole thing started to drop into place.

For me, ethical fashion is about more than just buying ethical brands, it's about buying less and choosing well, altering or making clothes and buying second hand where possible, but most importantly making the most of what I already have.

Now, I have to hold my hands up to buying things in the past that I've only worn a few times - cheap, fashion items that fulfilled a momentary need and poorly considered items that just didn't 'fit' my wardrobe. But, with my wardrobe challenges, I'm trying to address this. I want to make the most of every piece of clothing that hangs in my wardrobe, I want to know how to style each piece in numerous ways and make it, as Alex says, 'earn it's keep'.

For me early 2011 was about deciding what stayed in my wardrobe and what didn't (Wearing It All). Later on in the year I went shopping to fill a few gaps and put each piece through its paces with the Shopping My Wardrobe challenge.

So far, 2012 has been about buying less and choosing well. I have to admit that (and this will sound contradictory) I purchased numerous items in March but this is part of a larger plan - I have a list of what I think I need to complete my wardrobe and a few pieces to update it, to see me through to Autumn. So, I expect my clothing purchases to significantly diminish over the coming months.

I have yet to find my thrifting mojo so I have turned to eBay and ASOS Marketplace instead but I have relied on the high street for most purchases. What I find frustrating about the high street is not being able to find an independent report on who does well, who exceeds expectations and who fails miserably in regards to ethical matters. I guess I'm being lazy, I want a quick reference guide handed to me on a plate. If anyone knows of one...

I have to be honest and say that ethical fashion brands have yet to grab me, a lot of what I have seen is either 'not me' or out of my price range, if you'd like to introduce me to some ethical fashion brands then please do. I'll happily have my opinion changed on this particular subject.

As I said the first time I entered Ceri's ethical fashion competition - 'my ethical fashion credentials are a work in progress'.

What does ethical fashion mean to you?

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  1. totally with you 100% on this post x

  2. Great post Hazel. I totally agree with Alex and you, more is less.

    X x

  3. I like your stance on this! I have to say, ethical brands seem really pricey - does this mean that most of the high street is cutting ethical corners?? I try to be green; buying second hand etc.

    1. I have no idea about the high street, it's so frustrating!


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