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Monday, January 02, 2012

Here we are in a brand new year. It's at this time that my thoughts, like many others, turn to holidays and warmer weather, plans for the year begin to take shape and resolutions are made. I've always thought that resolutions should not be saved for January, that if a change is wanted or needed, it should just be made. But that hasn't stopped me compiling a list each and every January for as long as I can remember. Last year I kept it very simple, with just four resolutions but failed spectacularly on all counts! If at first you don't succeed...

This year's resolutions are a bit of a mixture.

Master liquid eyeliner once and for all
I have Pam Am to thank for this, I've been obsessed ever since episode one.

Finish the jumper I started knitting in March 2010
I have so little left to do that I'm determind to finish it before it creeps into its third year on the needles...

Fix the 'mend pile'
I have a number of clothes that are in need of mending or alteration but instead of doing anything about it, I just keep adding to it!

Write at least one line in my diary everyday
Last year I wanted to write more in my diary but actually wrote less than any other year, so I've decided that just one line a day will suffice for 2012, if I want to write more I can, just as long as I write something everyday. A simple sentence is often enough to spark a memory.

Use the spa vouchers OH gave me for our second anniversary
Since May I've had vouchers for eight hot stone massages. Why have I not used any yet? Why indeed. Craziness.

This one is a biggie...
Negotiate with work to be based at home
Full time if possible but I'd settle for a few days a week to redress the work / life balance.

Then of course there are the normal eat healthier, exercise more, buy less, choose well, and be more organised type resolutions.

I'd like to refer back to these resolutions over the course of 2012 to evaluate how they're going, with a little effort it'll be easy to improve on last year!

Have you made any resolutions? Anything exciting or unusual?

Hope you have a very happy, healthy 2012!

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  1. ah, I really ought to be tackling the 'mend' pile too. Liquid liner I'm afraid is possibly way above my capabilities!!
    Great list, I'm hoping to see your finished jumper in the next few months ;)

  2. I hadn't made any resolutions because I agree you should make changes whenever you feel like it. I am constantly setting myslef goals so have decided to give myself a break this new year. I do need to master liquid eyeline though, now you mention it!

  3. Great list, hope you manage to do them all.

    Happy 2012.

    X x

  4. That's really awesome I have a list too I hope we manage to do these things!

  5. Love the diary idea, I'm doing something similar. Doing Project365 last year was really great and looking back on it has been briliant. Like you said, it's the samll things that you probably wouldn't remember unless it's documented in some way. So I think this year I'm going to be keeping a diary and taking photos for it - like a Project365 Lite version!


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