Wearing It All... Day 9

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I had no idea what to put on this morning. Do you ever get days like that? This dress doesn't look much in this pic, it is a lovely fluid material with HUGE pockets on either side and buttons down the back. Looking at the photo I decided to add a necklace and another bangle. Socks patiently looked on from above.

And then jumped down and informed me that it was time for his close up.

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  1. Aah yes, accessories are where I fall down. I hardly have any and I feel bad about it because I know they're the 'finishing touch' that I'm always missing. But I just don't have room for anything!

    Loving the past two posts with Socks looming over you from above!

  2. Socks! He's great at posing, isn't he? Oscar moves around too much.

    Hope that dress is staying firmly in the keep pile - it's really lovely.

  3. lovely blue dress. One of my favourite colours.

    X x

  4. Your cat is so adorable!! I love the blue colour. It really suits you.

  5. I love the colour and unusual shape of the dress. I am hopeless at accessorising. its not in my nature at all...

  6. Lovely dress, the colour is great on you. I'm being inspired by my 13yr old niece on how she wears her accessories at the moment, its all about mix-matched bracelets. xx PS Socks is truly a fabulous blog star!


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