12 Piece Challenge - Day 8 - 16

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Right, a long post today, full of photos to bring you (almost) up-to-date with my 12 Piece Challenge.

Day 8
New specs! I'm sure I am allowed these as a new purchase during my challenge - they are prescription... I'm not blind without them but I get headaches and then I get grumpy - and that's just not at all pretty.
The ring was in Dorothy Perkin's sale, it's not my normal 'thing' but it spoke to me (or rather screamed 'buy me!') It just seems to work - some rings just look wrong when you put them on but not this one.

Day 9
Another warm, bright day today - so gladiator sandals, turn ups and my beloved stripe top. I really like this outfit. I like the simplicity. You know how some outfits make you feel 'just so'...?

Day 10 & 11
The warm weather continues...
 Day 12
An overcast day - which can be the only explanation as to why I completely forgot take a photograph... so I wore my black skinny jeans, three stripe top and a pair of boots a bit like these, but not these...

Day 13
I wear Crocs. There I said it. But if I'm honest they aren't real Crocs, they're cheap fakes. Today I spent the entire day in the garden hence my be-croc'd feet. The rest of my outfit was befitting of my days activity - grey t-shirt and jeans, nothing too exciting.

Day 14
Hot, hot day today and for the first time I began to wonder if the weather was going to thwart my challenge. I did hanker after a long, floaty maxi or a pair of leg cooling shorts. Surely it's not cheating if I take a pair of scissors to some jeans...?
The last time I wore these jelly shoes was on a beach in Zanzibar... not quite the same but it felt almost as hot! I purchased them from Very.co.uk, the first time I tried to order them they were out of stock in my size (damnandblastit!). However, I re-visited the site the next day - just in case - and managed to order a pair, after that they disappeared from the website altogether. It was meant to be.

Almost half way through the challenge...

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  1. Well done you for not reaching for the sun dress or shorts! And no I don't think it's cheating it you cut your jeans into shorts, more like being resourceful. Mind you I wouldn't if they are your favourites!

    I think I like day 9s outfit the best although I like all.

    Hope your gardening endevers are going well.

    My cat is back lounging under the srubs again! Bless.

    X x

  2. loving days 8, 9 and 12 the most. you're doing so well Hazel! your new glasses are very cool. I always want new glasses. They're a great accessory!

  3. I think day 9 is my favourite! You are stunning xo

  4. I like day 9's outfit the best too.

    I will forgive you for the crocs because everything else looks so good.



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