12 Piece Challenge Day 5,6 and 7

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 5
A relaxed outfit today as I was helping with the final preparations for a charity bazaar, I was given the task of pricing up the oddments for the bric-a-brac stall. It was fascinating to see the things people donated... and everyone was so generous! ... I just wish someone had told me my turn-ups were completely different lengths!

Day 6
The day of the bazaar - a great success and loads of fun that raised £1,280 for a local charity. It's just a shame that someone later stole the wristbands that the charity had produced to sell. There is always one...
I love this outfit and always feel fab when wearing it. The ballet pumps, from New Look, are literally going to be worn until they fall apart - I wear them with practically everything. The top was purchased from Very.co.uk last year. I have two just in case one should come a cropper!

Day 7
A day to relax (yep, I spend all my days off relaxing on a John Deere). First day of the year for flip flops but I have to be honest it is still a bit on the cool side for them really. V. cold toes indeed.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, lets hope the sun comes out again!

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  1. What a great result for the charity! Over £1200 from a bazaar - wow!

    I had to laugh at your odd length turn ups. I always take my jeans off once I think I've got them at the correct length to make sure they are even. I'm sure no one noticed, I wouldn't have unless you'd said!

    I think cropped trousers and pumps is a really chic look.

    Enjoy your weekend too!


  2. Love the two pairs of flat shoes. I would totally die if I ever took on one of these challenges. I need variety! But I really admire those who can stick with it. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. the second pic is perfect. very pretty! and your red shoes are sooooo pretty! I want them ! haha :D


  4. What a brilliant result with the fundraising, well done! Those red shoes are great to add a splash of colour to your outfits. x

  5. I didn't notice your odd turnups, but I'm the kind of person that may accidently walks around with only one turnup (cringe). Well done for raising all that moneyu for charity. Your clothing challenge is going really well :)

  6. I am loving your red flats. So pretty. And that second outfit is beyond perfect. Love it!
    And yay for the bazaar going so well.


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