39 Days And Counting!

Monday, November 15, 2010

When you think of it in terms of days Christmas Day doesn't seem so far away.

I have recently had reason to put in place self-imposed ban on 'treating myself' (more on that another day). So with Christmas only 39 days away I have been scratching my retail itch by purchasing Christmas gifts for others.

I rely heavily on Amazon for my online Christmas shopping. It didn't take my nephews long to get to grips with the amazon wishlist and being eight and 10 they're all about Ben 10, Puffles (I have no idea) and the DS. So, their gifts are a no brainer.

My Dad is always hard to buy for so my brother and I convinced him to make a wishlist on Amazon, which now has the incredibly helpful addition of the Universal Wishlist, where you can add anything from any other website. But Dad rarely puts more than half a dozen items on his list, so I always have to get a little creative when it comes to gifts for him.

This year Cox and Cox came to my rescue with this wonderful bee house. With the humble bumble bee hitting our headlines this summer my Dad planted a 'bee friendly' area in his garden and you can't have a garden without a house. I'd like one aswell but I must resist the urge to add two to my basket!

I adore Cox and Cox and Not On The High Street for gifts ideas, here are a few of my favourites...

Great for my nephews - Turbospoke
'Makes your bike look like a motorbike and sound like one too'.

A great little stocking filler for dad - A walnut key

For my friend and her new home from Not On The High Street - Heart Candle Holder

For OH - Herdy Sheep Mug

Retro Wooden Race Car - every one year old boy needs one of these surely?

For the newly moved - address stamp

Bespoke Name Art

I could go on and on, I can lose hours flicking through the pages on these websites...

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  1. amazon has nice stuff, I loved it last year when I got a gift certificate for Amazon, I went crazy buying stuff on there haha. so good that you are shopping so early, you're so organized!

  2. that sheep mug is sheer brilliance!

  3. or should that be 'shear' brilliance? *chuckle*


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