The Ordinary Day in April

Friday, July 29, 2022

7am Morning cuddles.

8am A slow morning so far. It feels more like a Sunday. Husband has taken Bub downstairs and is experiencing his first ‘morning after’ with a little, after going to a gig last night. His first night out since before the pandemic! I have two cups of tea because he didn’t realise I’d made one already (this is not an issue, you can never have too much tea!), and I have two cats on my bed, one on my lap. I should get up and feed Bub some porridge but I feel a few more minutes of feline time is in order. They’re a little under loved these days.

9am We’ve porridged. I’ve dressed. Now feed and then, hopefully, a nap for Bub. Husband has claimed the sofa for a nap of his own, and I intend to read.

10am Bath time.

1pm Missed a few hours… Lunch is done, and now I’m being given a tour of the living room, taking in such sights as the tv, the toy box, and the pile of cushions that should be arranged nicely on the sofa but are actually strewn across the floor.

2pm Relaxing with a cuppa. Husband is keeping Bub entertained.

3pm Nap.

6pm I’ve just said ‘I’ll deal with the [cat] vomit, and then I’ll deal with the [baby] poop’. I’m done.

Thanks to Louisa for hosting. I'll be back soon with another Photo An Hour.

Take care

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  1. I love your photo an hour updates, Hazel. It's lovely to see how Bub is coming along, and how she's giving you a tour of the living room. Is she walking on her own yet? Jos's grandson isn't ... Two cups of tea and some feline time sound perfect, by the way! xxx

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying them, even though I’m falling behind with them!
      Bub is walking, has been for a while. Both Andy and I were early walkers and Bub was really early, taking her first steps at 7.5 months, walking confidently by 8.5 months. I feel like I haven’t sat down since 😆 xx

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazel!!! Come back and blog again!!!x


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