The Day We Had A Late Lunch

Sunday, July 10, 2022

March 19th 2022 was Photo An Hour day.

6am Morning snuggles with the little while A makes the first cuppa of the day. Things I already love about today - A is going to be working close to home, the sun is going to be out, and I’ve already made food for this evening. Oh, and the chocolate biscuit stash was replenished yesterday.

7am Showered, dressed, cuppa no.2

8am Popped Bub in the carrier to go and see Daddy at work. It's a lovely day!

9am Nap in progress. I'm reading and enjoying a hot cuppa 

10am All the toys we have and Bub likes the placemats and coasters!

11am A bit of quiet time on the sofa with some CBeebies. She’s teething and feeling out of sorts. Calpol has been administered. Thank goodness for Calpol!! 

12pm Another nap. More reading time for me. Lunch is definitely going to be late today.

1pm Still napping / reading. I'm hungry!

2pm Lunch. Finally. 

3pm Outside in new shoes exploring the pot plants. I think they'll survive! (the plants and the shoes)

4pm Empty the box. Play with the box. 

5pm Final nap of the day, slightly later than usual. Might backfire.

6pm Supper.

Thanks to Louisa for hosting. I'll be back soon with another Photo An Hour.

Take care

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  1. Yep, boxes are always so much more exciting than what's inside them.

    1. She plays with the most random, mundane items! :) x

  2. Sounds like the perfect day, even if lunch was late and Bub was feeling out of sorts. And surely coasters and placemats are meant to be played with :-) Your lunch looks yummy by the way! xxx

    1. It was a lovely day.
      The lunch was for the little one, she’s well and truly weaned now! xx

  3. I seem to have lunch late every day!
    In fairness to bub they are very nice place mats and coasters.

    1. Bun’s naps have shifted to one a day now, usually around lunchtime so late lunches are now our thing. I am fond of our placemats too :)


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