Leaving My Wardrobe: Skinny Jeans

Friday, July 22, 2022

It's time to say Goodbye to an old favourite.

I bought these skinny jeans in September 2018 and they've been worn 199 times. Was I tempted to wear them just one more time to bring it up to a nice round 200? Of course I was. But they’ve completely lost their elasticity. Somewhere between not being able to fit into them at around 16 weeks pregnant, and then fitting into them again some months later, the elastic gave up. They stretch and bag within minutes of being put on - not a good look! To be honest I'm a bit gutted, I love these jeans, and finding a good replacement is always such a chore!

They cost me £66.15 in the sale, which works out at 33p per wear. I wonder if I had to rent my clothes would I pay 33p to wear these for a day? It’s an interesting thought.

I’m really sorry to see them go, I thought I’d be patching the knees and wearing these for a while longer, but there’s nothing I can do about loss of elasticity. Usually I like to wear my jeans until they fall apart, I patch and repair them until they get to the point of being more repair than denim.

I had plans to reinforce the knees of these with red stiching, and that was just the beginning. Sadly, this is not to be, but they have been set aside for a project that I'll get around to one day.

My search for a suitable replacement continues…

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  1. It's always sad to have to say goodbye to a favourite item of clothing, isn't it?
    I hope your search for a replacement is fruitful!
    199 wears certainly isn't too bad, but what a shame you weren't able to make it to 200 :-( xxx

    1. Ugh, I hate saying Goodbye to favourites! They did get worn a lot, but I hope the next pair last even longer xx


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