The Day After Storm Eunice

Friday, April 29, 2022

February 19th was the day selected for Photo An Hour.

6.30am and we're awake. Husband brought me a cup of tea in bed and took Bub downstairs to play.  I finished my tea, put a load of washing on, tidied the kitchen, and made toast.

8am. Bub and I are having breakfast. Husband is doing an LFT, and the cats are venturing outside after being locked in for Storm Eunice. The plan now is to get Bub dressed, and tidy away all the candles after a power cut last night.

9am. Bub is dressed. Those socks will stay on for approximately 6 minutes. Now to nap.

10am. While the baby naps, I read. I just got to a good bit a Bub woke up! Husband came home with tales of fallen trees. Next I'll sweep and wash the kitchen floor and then it's playtime!

11am. Can’t sit down to a feed without our phones.

12pm. Time to make lunch. No idea what I’m going to concoct today… (turning the hob on usually helps when cooking <insert eye roll emoji here>).

1pm. Time for some Daddy bashing before he heads out to deal with some more of the storm damage. While he got bashed I wiped down the kitchen door frames and cupboard fronts. I have to fit my housework into every small window of opportunity these days!

2pm. Eat, sleep, repeat. I updated my grocery order, and did some pointless scrolling for new sofa cushions that I knew I wasn't really going to buy before my phone battery died.

(For some reason my 3pm photo wouldn't upload)

3pm. So here we are, Bub still napping. I’m out of tea. I’m very near the end of my book but I didn’t pick it up to read because I thought ‘she won’t sleep for long’. I could’ve finished it. It’s getting good, all is about to be revealed. Now I’ll have to wait until bedtime.

It’s windy again and the rain is hammering the windows. Husband is out there dealing with fallen trees and dangerous branches. He’ll be drenched, and cold, and he’s still feeling a bit sh*t thanks to Covid (day 11 so he’s allowed to be out, not that he’ll see anyone). He seems to have a day of feeling good and then a day of feeling really drained. Anyone else had this?

4pm. Finally awake and standing aided by her high chair straps. She’s well rested and full of beans!! I've plugged in my phone, nipped to the loo, made tea, changed a nappy, had a snack, turned up the heating and found my slippers. I also stretched a bit. Then I vacuumed most of downstairs, chopped onions, had a quick FaceTime conversation with husband, cleaned the hob, folded laundry and wondered when I could sit down again...

And that is where my photos for the day ended.

Thanks to Louisa for hosting.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you had storm damage - and even had a power cut - as a result of storm Eunice! Well done for Bub standing aided by her high chair straps. Jos's grandson who's the same age still doesn't have any intention of standing up. But then again, he's a boy :-) xxx

    1. Bub certainly has an independent side! :o)

  2. I can see your routine has changed completely since your little one joined you :) I hope you have many more precious moments and happy memories in the making :)

    1. Life is very different, but it's lovely :) xx

  3. Sorry, I missed this one! Eeek, poor husband!!!x


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