Pancake Saturday

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

We didn’t remember that it was Shrove Tuesday, so we had Shrove Saturday instead.

Bub had her first pancake. The only baby friendly topping I had available was peanut butter, and she seemed to like it, husband was horrified, he is not a lover of peanut butter.

We told her about the fillings she could have in the future, not just on pancake day but at regular intervals throughout the year. I told her that next time I’d make her some chia seed strawberry or raspberry 'jam'. We said in a few years she can have chocolate spread. She can try my favourite with topping - streaky bacon and maple syrup. Or ice cream. I love vanilla ice cream wrapped in a hot pancake! Or maybe we could have other flavours. Strawberry or chocolate. Salted caramel or pistachio.

Fillings won’t have to be sweet we told her. A cheese and ham filled pancake is delicious!

I was excited by the idea that one day we could have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Andy suggested a three course pancake meal with savoury options. He has fond memories of pancakes with bacon and fried onion, accompanied by lots and lots of tomato sauce.

I used to love ordering pancakes with vanilla ice cream and hot cherries in The Little Chef. It used to be a highlight of any long car journey.

I never knew I could get so excited about pancakes!


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  1. What a fun post, Hazel! All that talk about pancakes and toppings is definitely making me salivate! xxx

  2. I missed Shrove Tuesday too - we aren't big on pancakes here but I would have made the effort just for fun :) my mother used to make terrible ones, like rubber lol!

    1. Oh yuck! Andy is our pancake chef, he makes the best pancakes, so light and crispy at the edges - yum!!

  3. I must say, I just love a traditional lemon and sugar one.
    PEANUT BUTTER on Pancakes!??!??!?!?!?!?! Pffft!
    I used to eat them with nutella and sugar at my bestie, Nicola's house- liked that. I like the grit of sugar! Honey and lemon is also nice. but only runny honey!

    1. Oh yes the grit of sugar is nice.
      Bub isn’t having refined sugar yet hence the peanut butter. I won’t make her those again!! ;)


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