The Day We Visited Daddy At Work

Monday, March 07, 2022

The first Photo An Hour of 2022 was January 22nd

8am I've been up since 6am but forgot it was Photo an Hour day.

I’ve had a bath (bliss), had breakfast, got dressed and I’m on my second cuppa and second feed. Husband is off to work soon and I’m forming a plan for the day, which mainly consists of lots of small naps.

9am When Bub is asleep on the bed and I can’t leave the room, what else can I do but dick around trying to take a half decent selfie? I could’ve tidied up a bit instead but… meh.

So this is me seven months in to motherhood. I rarely wear my glasses anymore as they were mostly for computer work. The eye bags are real (and are far worse IRL). The spot on my cheek is due to going to bed with my make up on (too tired to bother removing it), the scratches on my forehead are from Bub (thanks a bunch, although possibly my own fault for not trimming her nails often enough), hair is passable thanks to dry shampoo, fringe could do with a trim, and my mascara is yesterday’s.

10am Popped to my local charity shop to drop off some donations and picked up a few bits.

Pleased to find Little Big Lies as I’m currently reading What Alice Forgot by the same author (Christmas present from the husband) which is rather good. The Seven Rules has been in my wish list for a while after a recommendation from … somebody (my memory fails me), and how can you go wrong with a book by Ruth Jones?

Also, wooden toy. Obvs not for me (well it is a little bit).

11am Popped in to see husband at the office.

12pm Weaning is messy. The End.

1pm Bit of Daddy time before he heads back out to work.

2pm How fast is the day going?!! Another feed, followed by a nap. It won’t last long, this child seems immune to feeling tired (she didn’t inherit that from me!). I’m on my 4th cuppa of the day. Which isn’t many. Must remedy that as soon as I’m released from under the sleeping little.

3pm Any hope I had of drinking this tea whilst it was still hot are rapidly diminishing. The little saw me settle on the sofa and zoned in.

Ah well, it was a nice idea.

4pm How could we not buy this book? Bub loves it!

5pm Books are for chewing, apparently. I should be preparing food but … tired. Hoping husband will be home soon.

Thanks to Louisa for hosting.

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  1. This is a lovely post, I had forgotten how messy weaning is!

  2. I'm exhausted just reading this! xxx

  3. Oh the joys of motherhood! But I'm sure the tiredness and eye bags are well worth it. They grow up so fast, don't they? The messy weaning photo and Bub chewing her book made me chuckle! xxx

    1. Totally worth it! She’s delightful. She’s growing and changing all too quickly!!


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