Spring To-Do List Round-up

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

1. See the bluebells
Aim: get outside and do nice things
Every year Andy and I take some time out to visit the bluebell woods near us. Here are some photos from our visit this year.

2. Finish decorating the bedroom
Aim: focus on one thing at a time
I had three painting projects that needed doing before I could call our bedroom 'complete'.
1. Stain the mirror frame
2. Paint the freestanding shoe shelf
3. Paint the chest of drawers

I did none of these things! I have all the paint, primers and brushes required, just not the inclination. Other things just seem to have taken precedence over this.
3. Finish decorating the downstairs loo
Aim: keep up the DIY momentum
1. print to frame and hang
2. loo roll and towel holder to be fitted
3. track down a nice soap dish

I might've failed to finish the bedroom but I did make progress here - the towel rail and loo roll holder have been fitted. It's amazing how much more finished the room feels with just these two little additions.

4. Hit the beach
Aim: do nice things, get some me time
Andy and I went to North Norfolk for a few days and went to both Heacham and Snettisham beach. The tide was out but it didn't matter, we could still fill our lungs with sea air and take a brisk walk along the sandy, pebbly beach.

5. Mend my old jeans
Aim: reduce the mend pile
I had two pairs that needed repairing again. And I still have two pairs that need repairing. I've been following #visiblemending on Instagram and I now want to unpick the mending I've already done and start again...

6. Have a wardrobe cull
Aim: declutter and get organised
I was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes in my possession, so I knew it was a good time to get rid of what was no longer serving me. It feels really good to have more space and a clearer picture of what I own.

7. Attend an exhibition
Aim: do nice things
Whilst away Andy and I visited Houghton Hall to see an exhibition of Henry Moore's sculptures. They didn't disappoint.

8. Plant up the hanging baskets and sow seeds in the greenhouse
Aim: get outside!
I planted up the hanging baskets in late March, kept them in the greenhouse to protect them from frost and hung them up in April. I went for a purple flowers this year and they're looking really pretty.

The seeds I planted are doing well. I have lettuce leaves, spinach, and potatoes. I've planted a pot of cat grass for Socks and Tink, and some violas, forget-me-nots and nasturtiums for colour and prettiness. And I have some marigolds for my Dad.

My brother gave me loads of strawberry runners that are doing well, some of which are in a hanging basket by the back door. He also gave me some tomato plants and some cucumber, neither of which I've grown before - any tips for these would be welcome.

9. Eat the pantry
Aim: declutter and reduce waste
I had no idea that I'd amassed so many baking ingredients! And I have no idea why I thought we'd need five tins of pineapple chunks. I've managed to reduce the amount of food we had sitting in there, and now that I write a meal plan every week it shouldn't, in theory, fill up again with items that we don't need or use.

10. Carboot or ebay
Aim: declutter
I put aside a morning in my diary in April to get as much listed on ebay as possible, I continued listing items throughout May and into June. I also have boxes full of stuff waiting to go to a carboot sale one day soon. The stuff to sell pile is going down, our takings are going up...

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  1. You've done a lot! Even if the bedroom has not quite happened, I am impressed at this type of Do list that you have achieved a lot of! Which is the thing you are most pleased about? Can't wait to see the visible mending!!

    1. I'm most pleased about sorting out my wardrobe and getting so much listed on ebay, it's something I've been wanting to do for ages. I'm hoping to keep up the momentum.
      And also getting away with Andy, going to the beach and seeing the Henry Moore exhibition, ticking stuff off my to-so and being with Andy at the same time is always a bonus!

  2. You did lots! I'm impressed you attended an exhibition. I'm so uncultured that I find most kinds of sculptures baffling and the point is lost on me. What can I say?
    Thanks for reminding me it's summer, I can completely forgotten to post about end of spring/start of summer. It's all merged into one.
    I haven't been to the Norfolk beaches for ages, it's become a once a year only event. xx

    1. I don't 'get' a lot of art, and I don't think you need to. I just look at it and ask myself 'do I like it?', I like art that makes me smile or makes me really want to look at it. Lots of art doesn't so I always know when something really speaks to me.
      I think summer has crept up because the weather isn't really playing ball.
      I don't visit local beaches very often either, I think we become blind to what is closest to us at times.

  3. Just got back from japan, had a wonderful time, even if I did come home with a suitcase full of vintage t shirts from one of my favourite vintage shops 😖. I
    I am not getting rid of anything just trying to make my wardrobe work more, got my bedroom to decorate In 3 weeks, organised the garden as my arbour died whilst I was away, so I bought a new one and put that up.
    I’m all unpacked laundered and put away. Brought my houseplants back to life, I visited the fire museum whilst we were in japan it was so interesting. But it was a lot of walking and going up and down stairs as their stations are down stairs . Beautiful gardens as well

    1. It's better than a suitcase full of laundry (although I'm sure you had that too!). Japan sounds amazing, I'd love to visit one day.
      Sounds like you've been busy since you've been back, and have plenty to keep you occupied. I always get the holiday blues, so hopefully all this activity will keep that at bay for you.


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