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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April appears to be a spendy month for me. It's the month that makes me think of lighter, sunnier outfits. I start mentally preparing for sunshine, and then I start buying for it. And I also tend to meet up with Sophie in April and shopping ensues. I'd already purchased seven items before we met up and then bought four items in the first shop we set foot in, and that was just the beginning.

New Look black tunic dress  |  £5.00
I took one look at this, imagined it with tan sandals and a bag and took it to the till.

Red Herring star jumper  |  £5.50
This looks brand new, but it's not staying in my wardrobe. It's listed on ebay, I really like it, I just don't think it's going to get worn.

F&F red floral top  |  £3.25
This is in my May capsule, it's an item that I just knew would slot into my wardrobe and work really well.

Jigsaw scarf  |  £1.50
How could I resist those tassels?

M&Co navy jumper  |  £5.00
Technically I didn't need another navy jumper...

H&M black tee (not pictured)  |  £2.00
I love a tee with a curved hem, this will be a wardrobe staple.

Black and tan shorts  |  £4.00
I think these are cute, but I don't really know why I bought these.

M&S cream top  |  £3.75
Love this but the fit isn't quite right, it's another thing I've listed on ebay.

Zara white tee  |  £1.50
Curved hem tee. Enough said.

Dorothy Perkins jumper  |  £2.25
Love this, the sleeves are really long, covering the backs of my hands, unlike so many of my other jumpers.

Scarf  |  £1.50
I was under dressed for the temperature, I needed warmth. I bought it, I wore it.

F&F jacket  |  £4.50
This had only just been brought into the shop, I saw it on the counter and asked about it. They didn't even get a chance to put a tag on it before I was paying and putting it in my bag.

PJ bottoms  |  £2.99
I had my eye on a similar (new) pair on ASOS, these PJ bottoms from Tu need to be altered so they fit (they're two sizes too big) but I'd rather do that and buy pre-loved than buy new.

Fatface shorts  |  £5.49
These are in really good condition, I doubt they've been worn much.

V-neck tee  |  £1.29
I have one of these already but I wore it a lot last year, and I like the idea of having a back-up, especially at that price.

Next pink jumper  |  £1.00
A cheerful light weight knit, good for slightly chilly summer days, and only £1.00.

Floral midi skirt  |  £4.00
Love it, don't think I'm going to wear it. It'll be listed on ebay soon, maybe, I'm undecided.

All of the items above are pre-loved.

ASOS jumpsuit  |  £32.00
This is my second new purchase of the year and is already in my next capsule wardrobe selection. I'd seen it weeks ago on ASOS and kept going back to look at it. I loved it's simplicity, I knew it would be easy and comfortable to wear. I waited for ages before ordering it to make sure I still liked it as much as the first time I saw it.

I was fully prepared to hate it when I tried it on, which happens so often when some longed for item finally arrives. But this was everything I hoped it would be, sure it's not the most interesting or flattering item in my wardrobe but I really, really like it. If I am going to buy something new then it needs to be something I'm going to wear repeatedly and enjoy, and I think this fits the bill nicely.


Floral maxi dress  |  £13.00
I love this, it's only been worn once but it will be coming out of the wardrobe again this year.

Black / navy flip flops  |  90p each
Both of these were worn until they fell apart in early autumn. I'd say they were worn daily from April through to October.

Pre-loved Chatham pink brogues  |  £9.75
I still adore these, they're not something I wear often, but they put a spring in my step when I do.

Pre-loved H&M grey jumper  |  £4.75
This has been worn a lot, it's easy to chuck on over anything when the chill sets in in the evenings, and is a good autumn/winter jumper as it can be layered over other items.

ASOS green dress  |  £15.00
I shortened the sleeves on this and much prefer my version, it feels more summery. I wore this six times last summer.

Pre-loved Phase Eight cardigan  |  £2.49
Only worn once so far.

Pre-loved Monsoon dress  |  £8.00
Worn twice. I thought I'd wear this more, now I'm wondering if it's time it went on ebay. It's very nice but I have other dresses I like a lot more.

Total for April: £54.52

Total so far for 2019: £122.25

Total at this time last year: £147.02

Left of £500.00 budget: £377.75

Items purchased: 26 (pre-loved: 24) (new: 2)

One of my new years resolutions was to spend less, and buy fewer new items. Until this month I'd been quite restrained. This haul prompted a massive wardrobe clear out. I find it very tempting to buy what ever I like in charity shops because everything is so cheap, but what's the point if I don't get to wear the items I buy?

For the fourth year running I'm keeping track of my spending on clothes and accessories with A Buyer's Archive.

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  1. What a haul! After being so restrained for the first part of 2019, I don't blame you one bit.
    The jumpsuit looks lovely, can't wait to see it on you.
    What a great job you did with last year's green dress! xxx

    1. I went a bit spend-happy. Still, I got some lovely items.
      I think last year's green dress had the strangest sleeves to begin with, they were a bit nondescript, neither one thing nor the other.

  2. It's OK to have a relapse now and again, surely? And you did pick up some great stuff, plus the vast majority of it is pre-loved. I do know what you mean, though. If my favourite vintage shop, Think Twice, has a sale on, and everything is just a couple of €, I tend to buy more as it's so cheap, often re-donating things later. I can't wait to see you in that jumpsuit! xxx

    1. A relapse certainly isn't anything to lose sleep over, it did irk me a little though, only because my clothes count is racking up and it means that a lot of items won't get worn much. I need to find the balance again, at the moment it's off kilter.

  3. You have some good choices there. The jumpsuit is really on trend this Spring and will look great with colours (yellow, red, pink, anything) and your black and white dress is very versatile. There's no guilt in buying preloved and putting it back on EBay, I have had some lovely finds this month, will blog them soon.

    1. I'm looking forward to getting into the jumpsuit, I have lots of outfits ideas floating around my head.
      I think I only felt guilty about buying so much because I already have so much - lots of it is now on ebay and I'm feeling better about it :)
      Look forward to reading your post soon, I love to see what other people buy.

  4. Whoooooooooooooo, you got a lot! I like the purchases though!!!! The jumpsuit is really nice! I haven't bought one as I have a fear of needing the loo in public!

    1. So much!
      I did consider the toilet issue but as I spend most days at home it's not too much of a consideration. I doubt I'd wear it if it needed a layer over the top as that would be a faff to undress in order to answer the call of nature. Now that I've worn it a few times I know it's going to be lovely when (if) the weather gets hot and uncomfortable as it's so comfy to wear.


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