A Buyer's Archive | March '19

Sunday, March 31, 2019


Everything I purchased this month is pre-loved, bringing my pre-loved total for the year to seven items. I've only purchased one new item so far, and this is how I'd like it to continue.

Cream jumper  |  £1.99
It's soft and is a lovely pale cream with long raglan sleeves. I didn't even have to think about whether or not to buy this, I saw it and just knew it was coming home with me. I really must stop buying jumpers though, if only for the time begin,  I've already bought four this year.

Black jumper  |  £2.00
A black fitted jumper is an absolute staple for my wardrobe. My current one is starting to look a little bit jaded so finding this when I did was serendipitous.

Navy bag  |  £4.99
I'd forgotten to take extra bags with me on this particular shopping trip so I bought this, but having used it, I'm not keen and it's not as nice as a navy bag I already own. It's going back to the charity shop.

Camo t-shirt  |  £3.00
I'd been thinking about camouflage material and a few days later I spotted this. Another no-brainer purchase, it's gone straight into my spring capsule.


Gap cords  |  pre-loved from ebay  |  £6.49
I love these cords and they've more than earned their #30Wears Badge of Honour. They've been worn 51 times now and have recently been dyed a rather pleasant shade of green (which you can just about see in the first photo), giving them a new lease of life.

Red Warehouse top  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £1.00
In truth this has only been worn once, for some reason it didn't make it into a capsule at any point last year.

White Stuff shirt  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £3.00
This has only been worn 8 times so far. It'll be appearing in a capsule soon!

H&M floral dress  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £5.00
I still have this but I've never worn it. It doesn't sit right on my body, the zip bulges weirdly at the back so it's been sitting in a pile of things to ebay...

Bag  |  pre-loved from a charity shop  |  £3.50
I love this and use it often.

Pink night shirt  |  Primark  |  £8.00
Worn more in the warmer months this has had it's fair share of wear, it's been worn and washed a lot but still looks in good condition.

Total for March: £11.98

Total so far for 2019: £35.73

Total at this time last year: £92.23

Left of £500.00 budget: £464.27

Items purchased: 8 (pre-loved: 7) (new: 1)

My new years resolutions, to spend less, and buy fewer new items, is going really well. Summer will be the biggest test of my resolve, I always want all the summer dresses!

For the fourth year running I'm taking part in A Buyer's Archive inspired by Elise (who sadly doesn't blog anymore but can be found on Instagram), to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories

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  1. I am very impressed, Hazel! Shame about the navy bag, as I think it looks rather nice. xxx

    1. Thanks! The bag is a bit stiff and awkward, it looks nice but I prefer my old navy bag and I don't need two.

  2. You are doing well with your pre-loved wardrobe additions, Hazel! Looking forward to seeing the Spring capsule although, judging by today and yesterday, I wouldn't be rushing to pack up my winter clothes just yet....brrr! x

    1. I'm doing monthly capsules for spring so I can tweak it each month to suit the weather. I have plenty of jumpers for April!

  3. Isn't it amazing when you think of something and - boom - it turns up in your local charity shop? It happens to me quite a lot. Just the other day, I had been craving a belted, fitted, corduroy shirt dress and - wham - I snapped up a brown, Jane Norman number from my local LOROS for about a fiver x

    1. I love it when that happens! I found a long winter coat at the end of last year, still with original tags for £6! I've hardly stopped wearing it. It's the best feeling.


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