A Buyer's Archive | Nov '18

Friday, November 30, 2018

For the third year running I'm taking part in A Buyer's Archive inspired by Elise (who has sadly stopped blogging but can be found on Instagram instead), to keep track of my spending on clothes and accessories.


I had a very enjoyable charity shop rummage with Sophie and Kezzie early in the month, we all had a successful day of shopping.

In the first shop I found a pair of boots for £12.00 that were exactly what I had been looking for. I stalked ebay and charity shops last year for a pair but found nothing. But if you wait long enough the charity shops always deliver!

In the same shop I found a striped short sleeve knitted top for £4.00, and a Fatface sweatshirt for £5.00.

The next shop offered up these Tu dungarees, brand new for £10.00. I wasn't sure about them but as soon as I tried them on I loved them. They're a wide leg culotte style so will be put into a capsule in the spring and summer next year.

I found some Joules trousers for £3.00, which are perfect for the occasional meetings I have that require me to look smarter than usual.

My second stripe top purchase of the day was an Oasis top, striped on the front and arms, floral on the back, just £3.00. How pretty is that?

As you can never have too many stripe tops I picked up another one, with raglan style sleeves for £2.49, along with these lovely New Look shoes for £5.99. These will be perfect for a night out I've got coming up, paired with the gorgeous French Connection dress I found last month.

Instagram offered up this Zara shirt with red detailing for £7.00.

And a charity shop rummage later in the month saw me go home with this M&Co jumper for £1.87 and a full skirt for £3.50. I can see myself wearing this in the summer with a white vest top and sandals. In the meantime I'm going to see if I can style it for the cooler months.

I bought a lot this month, but it's all pre-loved, saved from landfill and been given a new home in my wardrobe. This fact alone makes me smile.


I bought a few maternity bits from ebay in early November last year. A denim dress, £3.70, and a motif t-shirt, £4.00. Needless to say these haven't been worn much.

I also found some Clarks boots on ebay, very similar to those pictured, for £21.00, but they were a wide fit (I didn't read the description properly), so they went back on ebay this month along with the impulse purchase boots from last month. These boots sold for £21.50 and the others for £30.00.

I also bought some pants, three pairs for £14.00. Not exciting but necessary.

Total for November: £57.85

Total so far for 2018: £559.18
I'm deducting the £30.00 I got for the boots I sold on ebay, which brings my total to £529.18

Total at this time last year: £456.88

Left of £600.00 budget: £70.82

I did buy a lot this month but it's all pre-loved and I think I've purchased items that I'll get a lot of wear out of.

What have you been buying?

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  1. I agree, you can never have too many striped tops, I'm a big fan of stripes. I can totally see you in the dungarees, I think they'll really suit you.

    1. I love me some stripes! I'm looking forward to wearing the dungarees xx

  2. I love the boots but they look a bit high for me. Also really like the skirt.

    I bought a coat this month - well, technically Jan bought it for me. It was much needed as none of the winter coats I already had are waterproof. Oh, and I also bought some knickers after we left our suitcase on the train so that I would have some clean ones to put on the next day!

  3. You did rather well buying all these lovely pre-loved things, Heather. A total of £57.85 isn't bad at all, especially considering what you got for it. The boots are fabulous. What a bargain! I've been quite frugal this month, I think. xxx

    1. I am pleased with all my purchases this month, but also that I finally got those boots on ebay after a year!

  4. I can't help but think the dungarees will look lovely with one of those stripey tops! I think I might have to keep an eye out for the twin of those dungarees- they do look pretty! You did very well on our shop!!! I've already worn my Alice Temperley dress for two performances, shame the other dress didn't suit me!

    1. That's exactly what I thought too! We did do well on our shop, I was very pleased to see you in your dress on Instagram :)

  5. Isn't it great when something you have craved for ever suddenly turns up? Those boots are lovely x


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