A Buyer's Archive December '17

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Each month I'm posting my clothing and accessory purchases in A Buyer's Archive, inspired by Elise, to keep track of what I'm buying and spending, and to compare with that of last year.


When I looked at the items in my capsule wardrobe in mid November, I felt truly uninspired. Once I'd removed all the maternity clothes from the capsule I was left with my usual colour palette of predominantly navy, grey, and beige and it left me feeling flat. I wanted colour, and lots of it! So I indulged in some online shopping and I bought all the colours of the rainbow. It cheered me up to wear some colour, and I needed my spirits lifted. Clothes can be more than just garments to keep us covered and warm.

I was over the moon with my first purchase of the month - burgundy knee high boots, £24.99, pre-loved from ebay, originally from Topshop. I just adore them.

An ASOS order saw a pink jumper (£20.80 in the sale), and a colourful stripy jumper (£25.00) added to my wardrobe.

A small trip around the charity shops in Felixstowe mid month had me heading home with a not very colourful, but gorgeously soft grey and white scarf for £3.75.

A quick charity shop rummage in Ipswich offered up a gorgeous green Zara jumper (£3.99), and a grey pleated M&S midi skirt (£3.25).

I picked up a tapestry skirt for £9.00, and a statement necklace for £7.00, in a few Instagram sales. And whilst doing a few last bits of last minute Christmas shopping I came home with a pair of burgundy tights (£3.00), to wear with my new boots, and another scarf (£18.00) for myself.

But it doesn't end there!

An ebay search offered up a black mini skirt, won for £4.20, that matched the one I had in my mind's eye when I wrote my shopping list at the beginning of the year. I also bought a light blue pre loved Topshop midi skirt that took my fancy, I had some Nectar vouchers to use so this ended costing me just £3.00. I'm still waiting for this to arrive...

That's a lot of clothes shopping for one month, certainly more than I anticipated. But when you crave colour and have none what are you to do?


I made just two purchases in December '16. Two shirts, one ex-stock and one pre-loved, and both have been worn a number of times, and will continue to be worn.

The short sleeved shirt was £12.80 from ebay and the other was from Rachel the Hat in one of her Instagram sales for £9.00. Both excellent purchases I think.

Total for December: £125.98

Overall total for 2017: £663.03

Total at this time last year:  £742.39

Obviously my spending this month takes me over my budget of £600, but I am still under my total of last year, so I'm taking it as a win anyway.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings love, fun, and positivity (and lots of gorgeous charity shop finds).

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  1. I absolutely love that striped jumper! x

  2. I love all your colourful choices. Colour therapy can be really helpful if one is in need of cheering up, so it doesn't matter if you spent a bit more than you intended. AND you spent less than last year! The burgundy boots are fabulous! Wishing you a Happy New Year! xxx

    1. And a Happy New Year to you too.
      I think the addition of colourful options will be a thing for 2018 :)

  3. I usually love bright colours but currently am very drawn to neutrals, am loving ebay will post some if my wins soon. Love your stripy jumper, it's a classic.

    1. The stripy jumper is seeing a lot of wear at the moment. Would love to see some of your ebay wins!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Colour makes the world go round!! We went charity shopping today - it was so gloomy and dark and I had real difficulty in the shops who colour coordinate their stock - who want to look through rails of grey, black, brown and beige when it's so miserable outside?
    That jumper has the best sleeves!

    1. I prefer it when they organise things by size, even on a nice day it's hard to see what's what on the black and grey rails.
      I have all the love for that jumper!


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