Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hello! Did you have a good Christmas? It's that odd time between Christmas and New Year. I don't know what day it is. I'm not even sure of the date. But I do know I've had a lovely few days. Today I'm relaxing, pottering and pondering.

I created my Instagram Best Nine today and though I'd share the story behind each photo.

The cross stitch I created for our second (cotton) anniversary was obviously popular.

I shared it in April, just after our anniversary and again recently for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day prompt of 'Family', and both made it into my Best Nine! I loved creating this, and obviously the cats had to be included.

My snowman was for another Photo A Day prompt this time is was Rosalyn's #AdventToShare. As luck would have it it snowed that day, it didn't last, but was thick enough for me to create this little chap.

I made a snowman kit by treading wire through buttons for the eyes and, erm, buttons, so I could poke them into the snow. It worked a treat.

Day 3 of #AdventToShare was to watch a Christmas film, who was I to argue? I love The Holiday and watch it a few times each year anyway...

The centre picture made me laugh. I was sitting on my sofa reading and felt myself being watched. I looked up to see these two staring at me, obviously it was time to be fed! Tink looks like she was contemplating something evil if I didn't comply.

This next photo was taken back in May, Socks had had two teeth out that week and followed me around for a few days. I love that little face and kiss his head way more than he likes. I hated having to leave him at the vets, they hate being in the carrier and being in the car. He cried all the way, and I almost cried when I walked back to the car. The house feels wrong when one or both of them aren't here.

I'm glad to see my wedding dress making an appearance. I put it on to greet Andy when he came home on our anniversary. I haven't put it on in a while... today might be the day :)

The skirt pic was taken during a photo an hour day in July, I'd nipped into Next and discovered a skirt I'd tried on at full price in the sale, from £65 to £25 I had to have it. So far I've only worn it once - dinner with friends - but it will be worn again. It has pockets!

And finally, this was day 2 of #AdventToShare - my wreath from last year. I didn't make one this year, we didn't manage to find the time to get out and gather holly, but I have all the other gubbins I need to make one next year.

And just for fun, here's my 2016 Best Nine, lovely to see my wedding dress in the mix again.

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  1. That snowman is so cute - looks like a good year Hazel :)


  2. What a lovely round-up. Always good to see the cats and the wedding dress having its annual outing. Your snowman is a real cutie - have you had much snow this week? We've had a light covering but nothing like the deluge we had a fortnight ago.
    Looking forward to seeing your sale skirt in an outfit post soon. xxx

    1. We had a flurry of snow a few days ago but it dissolved as it landed. Today it is just grey and raining heavily.
      I think I'm just going to wear the skirt to Tesco, it's too pretty to keep for special occasions.

  3. I agree it is an odd time. I'm enjoying the time off work, but often have no idea what day of the week it is ... I love your photos, and aren't your cats the cutest? I love your snowman too, what a great idea that snowman kit is! The skirt is lovely, you should definitely wear it more! xxx

    1. I think my cats are the cutest, yes :)
      I got the idea for the snowman kit from Pinterest, it was a bit rushed but worked really well, and much easier than trying to find stones in the snow!
      Glad you had a nice break, I like this time of year because most people are off work and everyone is really relaxed.

  4. Your cats are so pretty, i think pets really make a home feel loved and cosy. Lovely pics, especially wedding dress, it's really special to keep and wear something so lovely. I dyed mine and wore it a lot but no longer have it.. 35 years is a long time for a dress to earn its keep!

    1. If I'm married for 35 years I'll be 74 years old, if I can still wear it then I'll be happy! I keep saying I'm going to get it dry cleaned and packed away, but if I do I don't think I'd wear it again.


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