2017 Shopping List

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Last year I compiled a shopping list of things that I felt were missing from my wardrobe, I posted the list in early February. Having remembered I'd done so, I was interested to see how many things I'd ticked off.

In no particular order the items were;

Slouchy jeans
I found a pair in a charity shop in August, they're pre loved Oasis jeans and I picked them up for a bargain £2.00. They're not exactly what I had in mind but they are lovely, very comfy, and I wear them a lot.

Black knee boots
I put this to the back of my mind until recently, I've ordered a few pairs, only to return them. I've got an ill-fitting pair I won't be keeping from ebay, but I have another pair on my ebay watch list that I'm hopeful about. And I feel I should mention the burgundy boots I found, just because they're so pretty!

Ankle boots
I saw many I liked but in the end I didn't feel the need to purchase any, the boots I have sufficed.

Bright jumper
I wanted pink, and this one (pictured above) was perfect. It's a recent purchase but one I think will be worn a lot.

White shirt
I wanted a semi fitted shirt in a soft fabric with a rounded hem. I kept my eyes open in charity shops but I didn't find one.

Basic white t-shirt
A white version of the black t-shirt I purchased last summer would've been perfect. I should've bought it when I posted the list because they still sold them then, but not anymore. What I like about it is that it has a rounded hem, which is not something that I've seen any where else.

Black jacket / Statement jacket / Grey jacket
No to all.

Floaty floral skirt
I didn't buy a floral skirt but I did buy a green skirt that I adore!

Black mini skirt
My original post said - Not tiny mini, mid thigh mini to wear in the cooler months, probably a tweedy or textured fabric - and it just so happens I currently have one on my ebay watch list.

Floaty maxi or midi dress
I did buy a maxi dress but I didn't wear it in the end. I bought it in February and by the time the nice weather came around I'd gone off it. It hangs in my wardrobe waiting to be put on ebay.

Smart trousers 
I've seen a pair I like...

Of course I bought a lot more besides but I think I did OK ticking things off the list, I still keep an eye open for the remaining items when I'm out on a charity shop rummage. One day these things will appear, they always do eventually.

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  1. Fingers crossed that you manage to get the things you're watching on Ebay, that'll tick another couple of things off your wish list.

    1. Fingers crossed, they look like they're exactly what I'm looking for.

  2. I do not actually have a list, but I usually have a couple of things on my mind. A green jacket was one of them, and I recently found it. Now I'm looking for green boots, but these might take me a while. Your green skirt must be one of your best buys! I'm sure everything else will turn up in the charity shops when you least expect it. xxx

    1. Good luck with the green boot hunt :) I trust in the charity shops to provide, if you're willing to wait something will always turn up. I adore that green skirt, it works with so many colours, which was rather unexpected

  3. Like Anne, I don't have a shopping list - hence the reason why I've got around 150 vintage maxi dresses, I just buy what I love and can afford!
    The green skirt is your best buy ever!

    1. I often buy things not on the list (most purchases are not on the list!), but these were things that I'd been looking for for a while.
      The green skirt is so nice to wear, I always get compliments on it

  4. I agree that the green skirt is the best thing ever! My biggest problem is that I tend to have a list but very rarely is it practical things. My holiday wardrobe is a,axing it's all floaty dresses, but in the uk I'm lacking haha

    1. I often buy things for special occasions even though I have nothing coming up in my diary, I have a great holiday wardrobe that I rarely wear in the UK and I don't go abroad every year! But I think I'm getting better at buying more practical things... a little! :)


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