Photo An Hour - March 21st 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

After a busy week and more than a few late nights, I decided that Saturday would be an easy one, with a morning of doing what I fancied and an afternoon of work - nothing stressful. I had planned to stay in bed way beyond 8am but Tinker had other ideas and politely reminded me that food was required by dabbing me on the chin until I got up.

9am - Boring laundry.

10am - Time for a cuppa. I'm loving Teapigs Yerba Mate at the moment, not least because I get to use my super cute teapot and get such great satisfaction when I put just the right amount of water in the pot to fill my mug.

11am - Feeling a little 11o'clockish I had a small treat in the form of a cupcake. Remembering that this was the first thing I'd eaten, I had an apple chaser to up the nutritional value.

12pm - I had a hankering to get me outside! I feel like I've been stuck in my office, at my desk for weeks! And after admitting in my last post that I hadn't been to the woods all winter I thought it was about time. Sadly, the weather was worse than it's been for a while - windy, chilly and spitting rain.

I don't mind being outside as long as I'm correctly dressed for the elements. My wax jacket is the warmest thing know to man and with a beanie pulled down over my ears I set off at a purposeful pace! Sadly my mobile battery died after just one shot and this was to send to Andy to say I should've worn my wellies. I wanted a shot of me with trees, in the beautiful wood, I wanted proof that I'd been there. I saw deer and hares and pheasants and primroses and all I got was a picture of a muddy puddle. But look there are leaves, trees must've been nearby...

1pm - It did me the world of good to get out. I've been feeling so tired and have had so much to do recently, it's been never ending, my to-do list keeps getting longer and a sore neck has kept me from getting a good night's sleep. I returned home bright eyed and rosy cheeked, feeling refreshed and awake - such is the power of nature. The postman had been while I was out and left me a parcel - these boots are for my hen night, part of my costume. All will be revealed.

2pm - My sister-in-law and nephew have birthdays coming up and I was determined not to forget in the midst of all the wedding shiz so I've been super organised this year.  Their presents are now wrapped (and one has now been delivered a week in advance).

3pm - Time for more tea, a few more treats (I'd forgotten about my earlier cupcake) and a perusal of the new Next summer catalogue. Which is weird because the spring edition turned up on a photo an hour day too! Lots of lovely things in there that make me hanker after foreign shores and sunny adventures.

4pm - The high from my lunchtime walk had well and truly worn off. I sat in my office chair, staring at my computer and did nothing. I simply couldn't muster the energy. So instead I swiveled around and sat looking at my sleeping boy cat for a while. Quite a while actually.

5pm - I gave in and went for a nap. This time it was Socks who reminded me that food was required. Once back in bed it took me about 30 seconds to fall asleep!

6pm - Feeling better after a nap, I enjoyed a glass of red and settled on the sofa for a night of nothing much. Sometimes you've just got to know when to stop - am I right?

7pm - Enjoying a second glass for wine and the weight of a cat on my lap.

8pm - I was presented with a plateful of fajitas. Sadly, when things get hectic my diet suffers, either I don't bother to eat at all or I eat nothing but junk. My focus is just elsewhere, but Andy tends to step in at these times and keeps me fed.

9pm - Saturday night viewing. I am loving The Voice but think some who got through to the semi finals, shouldn't have. You can not trust the viewing public to vote wisely.

10pm - This is the face I get when I say the magic word 'treats?'. This also signifies bedtime - my favourite time of day at the moment. I vastly under estimated how many decisions I'd be making on a daily basis for the wedding and work has decided to go bonkers too. I'm hoping that I can get everything done in time to have a few days of relaxation before the wedding day, but the list of things to-do seems to just keep growing. The wedding itself is mostly sorted but it's the amount of work work I need to do that is currently worrying me. But this is the reality of being freelance, you have to take the work when it comes and if that means working until late into the night and over weekends then so be it. I wouldn't have it any other way, I'd just like a little teeny tiny bit more sleep.

So, not a very exciting day once again. At one point here was a possibility that this would be my hen day, but that's next weekend... may be I'll do a photo an hour for that...?

Thanks once again to Louisa and Jane for hosting.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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  1. Oh you just have to love waking up to a cat paw in the face. Mae has exceptionally good aim for my eyes!

    1. Tinker is quite gentle, so it's nice but Socks tends to just stick his claws into my scalp!

  2. That is a very cute kitty! Mine often appears on any photo an hour post I do too. In fact pets and alcohol appear with alarming frequency. ;)

  3. I wish I still had a tabby! I love them! Great day,I love your photos! I took part this time but just noticed I entitled mine for FEBRUARY! Doh!x

    1. There's a little part of me that wishes is was still February! Will pop over and have a little look.

  4. Hope you get better sleep sooon and the work is completed ok.x

    1. Thanks, I'll get there, it just always all comes at once!

  5. I massively need to do this post - thanks for the reminder.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. Yay, thanks for taking part! I'm always amusing how many of us feature cups of tea - they're obviously a big part of all our lives! I do like your 'sunshine' mug - it's fab! :-) xx


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