Wedding Wednesday #8 - Buying Wedding Rings Online

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One of the first things that my soon to be sister-in-law said to me (after crying and squealing and buying me a pile of glossy wedding magazines) was that we should look at buying our wedding rings online.

I have to admit that this doesn't sound very romantic, but heck, time wasn't on our side and I do love a bit of an internet shop. Not to mention that fact that you're cutting out the middle man and therefore can get them cheaper than on the high street.

Andy wasn't overly excited about the prospect of a ring, in fact he won't be wearing it. Agricultural machinery and wedding bands don't really mix, so after the wedding day it'll sit in a draw to be worn (maybe) on Christmas Days until death parts us. I'm cool with that, I'd rather he keep all his fingers fully intact.

So, for Andy we decided that we didn't need anything overly extravagant. In fact what we ended up with can only be described as 'vagant', as there is nothing remotely 'extra' about it. I'd hopped onto Silver By Mail and found this steel ring for a meager sum of £14.25 (in the sale). When I told his sister, she said that steel was absolutely perfect for him. And I have to say it looks pretty good. And I kinda think it makes him my 'man of steel'. *

With his ring sorted I had a look at Diamonds 365 - the site recommended by Andy's sister - but they had nothing on the wedding bands page. I kinda gave up there, feeling all tuckered out in the decision making department for that day. I decided to get comfy with a glossy wedding magazine for the hundredth time. It was here I found a flyer for Wedding Rings Direct (with a cheeky 10% discount code).

What can I say? The process was so simple. I had no idea of the amount of styles available when it comes to wedding bands... which to choose? I found their blog post on wedding ring shapes very helpful and then set about ordering some sample rings. Put simply, you can order as many styles as you like and you're sent samples in silver to try and return within a week. Each sample ring costs just £2.40 and you're sent a pre-paid envelope to return them. You can keep the rings for longer if you need to, they just ask that you let them know. When you find the size and shape you want, you then order your actual ring in the metal you want.

I started off with 6 rings but felt I needed a thinner band, so I ordered 4 more options. They didn't have all of the samples I wanted but they sent alternative sizes / weights which where more than enough to help me make my final choice.

A few days later my wedding band arrived in a lovely box, looking all shiny and making me just a teeny bit emotional.

* Feel free to berate for being soppy.


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  1. My deputy head got hers from Wedding rings direct and recommended them. We actually ended up going to a store who make theirs but we went for something fairly simple.x

    1. I was really impressed with Wedding Rings Direct. I had worried that we'd left it a little late with only three weeks to go but my ring arrived within days of ordering.
      It was a pleasantly simple experience :)

  2. how dare you get emotional over your wedding ;)
    what a lovely easy process. we got ours from Argos (even less romantic...?) and HIS never fitted. I think he'll lose it one day, it's too big and he never sorted it out.

    1. I just know I'm going to be a blubbering fool on the day, just thinking about it makes me teary!
      You should get Chris' ring resized, it would be such a shame to lose it - especially as he wears it everyday x

  3. You can get emotional all you want. I love how they send you a variety.

    Lizzie Dripping


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