Wedding Wednesday #9 - The Wedding

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


As the first post post wedding I’m at little lost at where to start. We had the most amazing day and I still feel utterly overwhelmed by it all. I had no idea that one day could hold so my wonderful moments.

The day after, at a family lunch, my new sister-in-law asked me what my top ten favourite moments were. I didn’t know where to start - there were simply too many.

It was the most perfect day, everything went smoothly - without a hitch. Even the weather was kind, having promised heavy rain for over a week it was fine. Not too hot, not too sunny, no rain, no wind - just right.

The day went very quickly - as everyone said it would. But I did take a moment every so often to take a step back and take it all in. I’ve never taken so many deep breaths in one day, some to calm my nerves, some to slow my racing heart and some to help me stop and appreciate what was happening.

I wasn’t prepared for how much everyone else would enjoy the day, I knew I would, I knew Andy would (once the vows were over) but it hadn’t ever occurred to me that this was a big day for others as well. People were so damn happy. I was so touched at the outpouring of emotion, everyone willing the day to go well, everyone fully enjoying the day and helping to make it a success.

I’d thought of the day being split into three parts - before the ceremony, the wedding and wedding breakfast, and the party in the evening, but there was so much more to it than that.

Looking back we crammed so much into one day. The quiet time in the morning with my bridesmaid, the time spent getting our hair an make up done, the photographer and the before photos. My Dad arriving and time spent with him before the ceremony. The ceremony. The photos and mingling afterwards. The wedding breakfast, my speech. The drive, just the two of us, to a spot we’d picked out to for photographs. Then arriving at the evening venue and having photographs taken on Andy’s tractor. Then the evening began which had it’s own distinct parts. It all blew me away, Andy too.

Sitting in the venue, at the end of the night, waiting for our taxi to arrive, looking around at an empty room left me feeling elated. We’d done it, we were married, the day was awesome and we were both on cloud nine. By the time we got home Andy had been awake almost 24 hours, my cheeks hurt from constant smiling, I fed the cats and we sat in bed chatting until we fell asleep, literally mid sentence.

There will be more on the subject but for now, this is all I can manage. I'm still gathering my thoughts.

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  1. Oh Hazel, I am so happy for you!!! MANY congratulations!!! So glad you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear more and yes, let's meet soon!!@!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie. More is on it's way :)

  2. You look stunning! Congratulations! I am so glad it was a success!!

  3. Massive congratulations Hazel, you look stunning <3 x

  4. Massive congratulations - you both look so, so happy!

    1. Thank you, we're still on a high from it all :)

  5. Congratulations on the big day!! So glad it went so smoothly! You look great here.


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