The one in which I wear a tutu

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nearly two weeks ago I wore a fairy costume, for an entire day. This is why. I can highly recommend a tutu to lift your spirits! And how could I not share my fairy outfit with you all? This could possibly be one of my all time favourite outfits. Ever.

 Tutu eBay. Top H&M. Hairband Claire's Accessories.
Wings Games and Giggles (a legendary joke shop in The Walk, Ipswich).

Assorted flowers H&M

Wand handmade by me

Shoes Primark

The day before the record attempt I discovered this in my garden - a fairy ring! I quickly skimmed a wiki page did some research and it seems depending on who you believe they are either evil places or a chance at hearing fairies laugh and sing. Or perhaps the result of an underground presence of fungus that gets bigger with each passing year (but that's boring). I could run around it in the direction of the sun, put my left leg in and wear a hat backwards... or something. Needs more thorough reading me thinks!

Anyone fancy a tutu party?

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  1. You look amazing! A perfect look. I need fairy wings and a tutu in my life for sure.

  2. Oh how pretty you look Hazel! Love this delicate outfit! x

  3. oh hello fairy Hazel! Love these photos of your costume, you did a great job x


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