Sunny, sunny sunshine...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am loving this weather! Even though I am constantly hunting out shaded spots and will burn to a crisp if caught without sunscreen, the sun is one of life's happy gifts.

One of the reasons I enjoy the sun is because I have so much in my wardrobe that I buy thinking 'this will look fab in the summer with some cute sandals'. Seriously, I should live in sunnier climes. I must be the only person I know that doesn't need to go shopping when a beach holiday is booked!

This week I dug out a dress I found in a charity shop back in November. Thanks to the dire weather, this week has been my first opportunity to wear it - it has pockets and pintucks - LOVE! And it has a band hemline which stops in blowing up in a breeze.

To accessorise I've been wearing a  new necklace from a collection inspired by the sea. Koa Jewellery are an eco friendly brand based in Cornwall, using pewter sourced from a local smelter (what a great word!) and the beads ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers, to create their pieces.


I chose the Blue Dunes Necklace - a gorgeous midnight blue pendant on a silver chain. It's very tactile, the smoothness of the resin with the contrast of the engraving makes it really nice to fiddle with which is something that I do a lot.

I also really liked the beaded earrings, the glass beads remind me of the pieces of glass you sometimes find washed up on the shore, smoothed by the motion of the sea. I've dropped several hints to my family about these as my birthday isn't far away...

What do you think? Is this some where you would consider shopping?

Are you enjoying the sunshine?

* The Blue Dunes Necklace was kindly sent to me by Koa Jewellery.

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  1. Love that Koa necklace lady! x

    1. It's super isn't it? I don't think the photos really do it justice!

  2. Very pretty necklace - love discovering new brands! :)

  3. I love charity shops in fact I have just done a post about my charity shop finds lol.

    I love that dress I really like shirt style dresses as they tend to suit me. Wish I had found something like that x

  4. your dress is perfect for this weather and love your accessories. I am constantly fiddling with jewellery, I've broken several watch straps because of it... x

    1. It's normally how I lose earrings...

  5. That is one really cute dress! Glad you are managing to wear all the summer bits you have. It's a bit too hot for me at the moment x

    1. I stay inside during the hottest part, with all the windows open and ice lollies in constant supply!

  6. Looking cool and stylish, however do you do it? I just look hot and sweaty! lol.

    Loving the necklace.

    X x

  7. Loving this beautiful weather and your outfit looks great. Really love the necklace, fantastic to see so many eco fashion brands coming from Cornwall lately.

  8. Totally agree on the sun - I am just worshipping it right now (while smothered in factor 50 of course!)

    I love your dress - so good you finally have a chance to wear it! I bet it would look good with leggings/black tights when the weather gets cooler again too.


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