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Monday, July 08, 2013

Last week saw me wear one of my news ASOS dresses. When the sun finally decided to get it's act together and I was ready and waiting! It's a fab little drop waisted dress - so simple and easy to wear. It's a dress that needs nothing more than summer sandals and a light scarf (and you know me and scarves).

I'm hoping the sun will stay a while so that I can wear more of my summer dresses. I just can't seem to get the hang of seasonal layering so my dresses fall by the wayside in the cooler weather.

I bagged a bargain in the H&M sale and purchased my first pair of patterned trousers. £7.00! Chuffed as nuts. However, I do wish retailers would realise that 2% elastine just isn't enough.

I've been knitting, I have made a start on what is now known in my household as the 'Lauren Scarf'. It's a pleasing knit as it grows very quickly, perfect to pick up and put down for a few minutes here and there. I've decided to shelve the crochet for a while but I fully intend to make 'Ann's Scarf' before the year is out (I made myself a little promise to finish all my unfinished projects before starting something new - it could take a while).

Other than that I've removed a door that kept slamming shut in the breeze and locking me out of the main part of the house thanks to a broken latch, climbing through my lounge window four times is quite enough, so I unscrewed the hinges and threw it on a bonfire. Take that stupid door.

I've been giving this here blog a lot of thought too. Life was different when I started it and I've changed in some ways as a result of it, so I've been pondering the direction I should take it in. I'd like to post more regularly and have a bit more of a focus, I have some ideas on what this could be, it's nothing revolutionary, sometimes it's just nice to shake things up a bit.

I've got some great charity finds to share and hopefully, soon, my new office too!

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  1. I am loving those trousers! xo

  2. I love that asos dress, such a great shape and colour

  3. yay for patterned trousers! The slamming door story made me laugh, drastic action, was fixing the latch not easier?! x

    1. haha! Yes, I suppose it was drastic. It was a bit bit heat of the moment!

  4. I love the dropped waist dress, such an easy style to wear especially in the hot weather.


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