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Monday, June 24, 2013

We broke the world record!*

The run up to Sunday's 'A Flutter of Fairies' event has been a fun and exhausting one. We asked the good people of Ipswich to come along dressed as fairies - wand, wings and tutu - to attempt to break the world record for the largest gathering on fairies in one place. And they did us proud!

The current record stands at 786 participants for an event organised by Anna's Hope (UK) at Burghley Park, in Stamford in 2012. We coralled over 800 fairies into an area outside our Town Hall. I have to admit to shedding a few tears of joy (and exhaustion) when I heard that we'd done it!*

A few G&Ts later, I made my way home, weary but wired. Back at the end of March, when planning commenced, none of us realised just how much it would take to put it all together - but it was worth it!

I reluctantly hung up my tutu at around 9pm, at the insistance of Mr Joy - as beautiful as it is it would be scratchy to sleep next too. Any excuse to wear it again and I'm there!

See some local news coverage here.

*pending official verification

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  1. yay Hazel, I'm so glad you did it! Well done and I'm sorry I couldn't make it along too x

  2. Oh that's amazing. Well done!

  3. Congratulations, a fantactic achievement, only wish I could have seen it!

  4. Hilarious!!!! What a fun event!!!!! Well done you for pulling it off!x

  5. Wow, so many fairies!! :)


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