Lots of curtains, a spare room and another job jobbed.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

When we moved into our home nearly two years ago, every single room needed to be redecorated - the enormity of the task we had ahead was a touch overwhelming! Since then we've decorated most rooms and are now putting some finishing touches into place, but we still have a lot to do.

I thought that choosing curtains for our lounge and dining room was going to be a nightmare. Having discovered that Mr Joy didn't like curtains (or carpets, or kitchen bins for that matter), I was mentally ready for a battle of the soft furnishing kind.

I wanted to go to Dunelm, I shop there A LOT, but it took me months - MONTHS!! - to persuade Mr Joy to come with me to choose curtains. In the end it was the Christmas sale with an extra 20% off that finally got him there.

Not only did we select curtains that we both liked within a reasonable amount of time, we also got curtain poles. Again Mr Joy was 'not a fan' but when he saw that they were over half the price of some he purchased earlier in the year, he suddenly started to like the place.

So-much-so that a few days later we returned, at his suggestion *faints*, to buy curtains for our bedroom (we came home with matching bedding too). So, after 18 months of no window dressing what-so-ever we had curtains for seven windows within the space of a few sleeps!

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to turn my spare room into an office. Luckily, I've been given free reign so I can avoid the usual 'do you like this one, more than you like that one' type conversations and just get on with it!

This is the only room upstairs that we haven't touched, we've simply filled it with stuff and closed the door. I'm currently sorting through it and new finding homes for everything, it may take a while but I do have a plan(ish).

I have the enviable task of covering the blue paint - who paints a room THAT colour? I'm going for neutral walls and a black floor. But it's what comes after that I love - arranging the furniture and accessorising the room. I'll be re-using the shelves and will use a table, that used to be in the kitchen and a chair from my bedroom that is rarely used. If you're a long time reader of my blog you may remember it? And in stark contrast to every other room we've done, I already have a curtain pole and voile curtain panels for the windows.

Maine Collection Curtain Pole* and Boucle Stripe Voile Panel*

I'm so excited to have finally made a start and can't wait to get it finished (and go shopping for all the little knick knacky bits) and all my notebooks will finally have a proper home. No more working on the dining room table, no more eating supper on our laps!

Any idea where I can get a big cork pinboard? (And I mean really big - huge).

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  1. Hi! I have a huge cork pin board in my office, I bought a pack of cork floor tiles and painted them in matt emulsion, they were then glued to the wall - don't know if we'll ever get them off though! You could mount them on board and hang them more traditionally. (I used them double thickness)

  2. Oh wow, it looks like this is going to be such a great office once it is done - but that blue is definitely yuck! Good luck with the painting!

  3. Good luck! What a big project! I don't mind the blue, actually...


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