A Buyer's Archive | June '17

Friday, June 30, 2017

Each month I'm posting my clothing and accessory purchases, inspired by Elise, to keep track of what I'm buying and spending, and to compare with that of last year.

This Year

I hit up ebay early in the month and purchased some yellow shorts (£3.70). I can't wear yellow around my face as it washes me out but I when I saw these I decided to take a punt. And y'know what? I kinda like them.

Of course just buying one pair of shorts wasn't enough, and I found these denim shorts (£1.99) winging their way to me after I was the only person to bid. Originally from M&S they're really nice, I like a longer length so these are pretty perfect.

This Monsoon gypsy top (£3.70) caught my eye. I thought it would be cotton but it's a jersey fabric so I'm not sure about it... it might find itself back on ebay.

My only new purchase of the month (purchased before signing up to the Fast Fashion Fast) was this epic ASOS skirt (£25.60 with 20% discount). I fell in love with the colour, the fullness and the pockets. It's now the object of a #30Wears mini challenge, as a result it's already been worn a lot, and the pockets well used. Although with a full bottle of water in each pocket I did feel like a donkey with panniers. But I do love a pocket.

My most boring purchase of the month was a two pack of hosiery (£4.00). I needed some to wear with a knee length skirt to a fancy pants restaurant we were heading to, bare legs weren't appropriate, so it was a last minute dash to Asda.

Then I had another ebay spree (the Fast Fashion Fast only prohibits high street shopping, not pre-loved). I purchased a Hobbs top for £17.17. I wouldn't normally spend so much on a pre-loved item but when I looked at my summer capsule I thought it could be a versatile piece so I placed a bid and hoped it would fit well.

Then I became enamored with the floral print on this wrap top, I was the only bidder so it was mine for £3.50. Sadly this feels awkward to wear so it won't be staying in my wardrobe.

My next purchase was a pre-loved shirt dress for £4.49, swiftly followed by a pre-loved French Connection skirt for £3.00. I adore them both, just look at those prints!

After adding a number of colourless items to my wardrobe last month, I think I've upped the colour quota nicely.

Last Year

Light Brown Heels  |  New Look  |  £24.99
I wore these out to dinner, and to a wedding. For their second outing I wore them for 14 hours, and have, ahem, a vague recollection of dancing (like no one was watching) at the end of the evening, with no hint of a blister. Win!

Bardot top  |  ASOS  |  £18.00
Loved this with my dunagrees, but I haven't worn it yet this year.

And I bought some pants. Three pairs for a tenner. Perfect for wearing under lighter clothes and an absolute essential for summer.

Total for June: £67.15

Total so far for 2017: £332.10

Total at this time last year: £354.88

Once again I feel like I've purchased a lot but all of these things are in my capsule wardrobe for summer, and I'm still below my total for this time last year. Half way through the year I'm just over the half way point of my £600 budget, so with some careful spending in the next six months I should come in below target with ease.

Check out the hashtag to see posts from everyone taking part.

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  1. I love the pockets on that skirt - so handy! And the gingham top is lovely, perfect for summer (and very on trend)

    1. the pockets are what sold the skirt to me, love a pocket!

  2. Some glorious colour here! The print on that French Connection skirt is gorgeous. The Hobbs top looks great with the jade skirt. I'm glad its getting loads of wear already, your pannier comment made me laugh.
    I saw one of those Monsoon tops in a charity shop recently thought it was pretty but couldn't understand the fabric choice, cotton would have been so much better. Monsoon used to be great for a brilliant quality clothes but seems to have lost the plot in recent years. xxx

    1. I really didn't need another skirt but I couldn't leave that print in the shop, and certainly not at £3.00.
      To me cotton would've been the obvious choice for a top like that. I used to walk into Monsoon and like everything but, you're right, it has gone off the boil a bit.

  3. That shirtdress is gorgeous! It looks like the perfect British summer dress, though I suspect it's sadly lacking in pockets. I always want to try adding pockets to clothes I buy - in theory it should be easy, right?

    1. It's lovely isn't it, and... it does have pockets!
      I did read a blog post once on how to add pockets, it seemed easy enough but I'm not brave enough to try it.

  4. I love your June buys, especially the green skirt, and the floral print dress and skirt. And you did quite well too! xxx

    1. thank you, I can't wait to start wearing the floral shirt dress and skirt. As much as I like making the most of what I have in my wardrobe you can't beat the feeling of wearing something new, figuring out what works best with it, and mixing it with well worn, much loved pieces.

  5. Well I like everything you bought!
    I didn't get around to doing a June Buyer's archive but I bought SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things it was just as well! I was truly ashamed of myself! WHAT was I thinking!??!


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