Buyer's Archive | February 2016

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Joining in with Elise, I'm posting my clothing purchases each month in A Buyer's Archive, to keep track of what I'm buying and what I'm spending.

I purchased a random selection of items during February.

Beaded clutch  |  ebay  |  £6.49
My first pre-loved item of the year. Purchased for a ball I'm going to soon, it wasn't quite as I'd expected but it was under a tenner and it'll be fine for the purposes of the evening and plenty big enough for phone, lippy and keys (and Andy's wallet, phone, and keys).

Slippers  |  Next  |  £10.00
My old ones fell apart. The sole came away and I kept tripping on it, so they were consigned to the bin. I love these ones from Next, they're perfectly comfy and cosy and *whispers* my old ones were a gift and weren't really to my taste.

Bikini  |  Next  |  £16.00 top  |  £14.00 briefs
For a spa day. Which was silly really because I covered it up with a robe and then was covered by a sheet during my massage. We had planned to use the outside jacuzzi but it was too flippin' cold, and there were other people in it too, and y'know... other people.

Who knows, I might get an opportunity or two to wear it in the summer... *starts daydreaming of a week in the sun*

February total: £46.49

I still haven't set foot in a charity shop yet this year which feels a little odd but I have a plan forming...

Elise is retweeting the links of everyone taking part, so get following!

What have you purchased this month?

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  1. That'a a lovely bikini. I know so many people who don't wear slippers but I couldn't live without mine, in fact, I tend to have an extra pair or two in the bottom of my wardrobe in reserve.

    1. I hated slippers as a child but now wear them all the time. I always have a slip on pair and a an extra cosy bootie pair

  2. Haha that's a bit of a random mixture! I love the bikini - maybe it'll get future use on a nice holiday. Seems as good a reason as any to book one ;)

  3. Nice buys! I do love the bikini! x

    1. I love that it's floral but also still mainly black!

  4. Gorgeous bikini! Love the purse too and the slippers look very cosy.😊

    1. They're my most favourite slippers ever. I'm contemplating buying a back up pair!

  5. Those slippers look amazingly comfortable and cosy!

  6. The bikini is cute! Slippers, slippers, lovely things!!!! I like sheepskin the best! I've only bought one thing in a charity shop since Christmas I think and only been in maybe once or twice mostly to drop off stuff!xx


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