Stock Loss Control vs Customer Service

Monday, September 05, 2011

When it comes to customer service I have come to expect only the bare minimum from the UK high street. Recently though I experienced a new low.

I was in a store that I regularly go to, it's a great place for a good rummage through the rails and I've found some superb bargains there in the past.  I went into the fitting rooms with five items, which were taken from me, separated, had their sleeves/legs 'frisked' and the security tags checked, which is all pretty standard stuff.
However the problem occurred when I went to leave, I handed back the items that I didn't want to the associate - just as I would in any other store. As I tried to leave the associate barked that she needed to check the items I wanted to purchase. I asked why, the reply was discourteous - she had to check items on the way in and on the way out, it was company policy. Dumbfounded I handed over my items to be 'frisked' once again.

The lady waiting to go into the fitting room looked as shocked as I was feeling. Not only was the associate unnecessarily rude but I found the checking of my items as I left the fitting room rather insulting. I was being treated with suspicion.

The more I thought about this the more incensed I became. I was a potential customer NOT a potential shoplifter. In actual fact I was a REGULAR customer. Not anymore. I dumped my chosen items on the nearest shelf and left the store.

I appreciate that stock loss through theft is a problem for retailers but this, for me, was a step too far.

How do you feel about the customer service you receive? Do you think that this store is going too far in it's security measures? I'd love to know...

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  1. Wow that sounds really rude and would put me off shopping there again! I've never really noticed the frisking either, maybe I shop in different places, they tend to just ask, and seem disinterested as they shove a tag in your direction!

  2. That seems very rude and over the top. Trouble is so many dodgy people have spoilt it for the rest. Not that I condone anyone having to be made to feel so uncomfortable as you were made to feel. I hope you complained to the management, I always wanted to know if my staff were rude as well as knowing when they were fantastic too.

    X x

  3. @Please may I? That's a good point, I didn't but I think I will. I do try to say when people have been helpful too, good service does seem to be so rare.


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