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Monday, August 31, 2020

The last time I mentioned my Wearing It All Summer 2020 challenge was back in July. I've shared weeks 1, and 2 and 3, so a catch up is in order. If you have no interest in my daily outfits, look away now.

Week 4 was the last full week of July. The challenge has given me the opportunity to weed out the items in my wardrobe that I don't like, and those that aren't working. Each item is being assessed and I've already donated a number to charity and listed other items on ebay without wearing them for the challenge. Some items I picked up and simply thought a very definite 'no', and that was that. Other items I'm dithering about. 

I realised that my decision to buy only one clothing item per month this year, was partly due to not having room for any more clothes. I want to wear everything as much as I can but if I don't love something, or have a use for it, then it needs to go. A purge is long overdue.

From week 4 the green cords are going. I bought them from ebay, they're preloved and have been worn over 30 times. I dyed them last year from khaki to dark green, which I like but I just don't wear them anymore.

The other items are a mix of hardly worn, and worn a lot. The wide leg jeans, yellow maxi, and navy jumper have all been worn over 30 times. The jeans worn on day 5 and 6 are over 11 years old, and patched so many times I always wonder if they'll survive their next wash!

Week 5 took us from July into August. I decided to wear my face mask in any outfit shot taken on a day when I'd need to wear it, to keep a record of when I venture out, which as you will see isn't very often. This instance was a trip into town, my first since March. 

During this week the temperature started to rise and it finally started to feel a little more like summer again. Dresses and skirts came out of the wardrobe, and I dared to bare my arms. The khaki maxi dress has been mended, I'll tell you the story in a future post, and the skirt worn on day 6 and 7 was one of the three items I purchased in town earlier in the week.

Week 6 starts and ends with tops I bought on my trip into town in week 5. I'm not completely sure about the navy / orange vest top but I think I'll persevere. If I decide against it I have a few people in mind who might like it. 

The weather really started to heat up over the course of the week, hence the wearing of shorts on 4 consecutive days. I could've worn shorts on day 3 too, but I left early for a trip to the beach when it was still overcast, and I didn't trust it to warm up much. I wore the mask for a minute when I went inside to buy ice cream. The day before I'd been into Tesco, popped to the Post Office, and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around a garden centre for the first time in months!

The burgundy heart print shirt has been mended recently too. I sat down one Saturday and mended a number of items, which was such a satisfying way to spend an afternoon.

I'll leave this here and catch up on weeks 7 - 9 in another post. I still have items unworn (and some new-to-me items to wear!).

How are things with you?

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  1. I love your outfit photos!
    It's just occurred to me that you don't wear many prints and its interesting that you mentioned being undecided about the navy & orange top (which lots fab). I'm the same with plain clothes, never entirely sure about them as my heart belongs to pattern.
    Liking the blue & white striped midi skirt on you & its always good to see the legendary green skirt.
    I love mending my clothes, such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon! xxx

    1. Thank you :)
      I don't wear many prints, and when I do I can't pattern mix at all, it's a skill I simply do not possess. My dithering over the patterned top is that I don't have much to pair it with, but I will reserve judgement until I've worn it a few more times (weather allowing!).
      I think the stripe skirt might have knocked the green skirt off the top spot, I never thought this day would come :)
      I rally enjoyed the mending, and still have a little more to do, but I'm saving it for a rainy afternoon (probably won't have to wait long for another one of those).

  2. You're so disciplined about taking photos of what you wear each day, I know I'd never keep up with it. I think my favourite outfit of those shown is day 5 of week 5, that dress is so pretty.

    1. It takes no time at all to take the photos, it's become part of my morning routine now. I really like that dress too, but it doesn't get worn very often sadly.

  3. I love the new stripy skirt! Reminds me of those lovely French teatowels and sheets!
    The orange and blue vest-top is really nice- keeeeep!
    Nice to see you in shorts! I feel I haven't worn as many as I should but I am determined to keep wearing summer clothes all through September as I have so many and I love them so much!x

    1. I had a similar thought when I saw the skirt!
      I am going to keep the vest top for a while, as long as we get some sun it'll be worn again soon.
      It was so hot shorts where the only option on those days! I hope to keep wearing my summer clothes this month, the weather looks like it might be improving a little.

  4. I'm in love with your blue and white striped skirt, and it's good to see that the green maxi lives to see another day. I wish I was as disciplined as you about weeding out my wardrobe. I am forever dithering and if at long last things end up in the charity bag, I'm inclined to take things out again, unless we get rid of the bag immediately. I think that orange and blue vest top is fabulous and would look great with lots of your neutrals. xxx

    1. I think the blue and white skirt might be kicking my green skirt off it's long held top spot!
      Sometimes I find it really hard to get rid of anything but this challenge has really helped me to see what works, what doesn't, and what I love in my wardrobe (I've made a few purchases of things I've felt my wardrobe lacked too).
      I have to drop off the charity bags swiftly too, I do sometimes retrieve items, only for them to take up space for a while before going back into the charity bag!
      I do really like the vest top, I'll play with it next summer - probably the next time I get the opportunity to wear it now that the weather has turned - to see how it works.


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