Photo An Hour | Feb '18

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I started my weekend by slipping on my wellies, and going outside to take some photos of the misty, frosty morning. One of my Day Zero goals is to photograph the same landscape across 12 months and make it into a calendar for next year. My chosen landscape sits at the back on the house and every time I see frost or snow or a beautiful sky from the window I'm out there with my camera.

The photo above is a view out over the fields at the front of the house and to the right a bit. I liked the low mist, and the sunshine promising a glorious day ahead.

I faffed for a while, so I was still in my PJs, cuppa no.2 on the way. It's amazing how much time can be lost sorting washing, emptying and filling the dishwasher, but I think the real reason I lost an hour was because my Mum gave me a 'quick' call.

Just out of the shower I decided to share this pic of Socks, the boy cat. He slept right through me getting dressed, making the bed around him, and repeatedly kissing his head.

Having finally gotten myself sorted I started the decorating I had planned for the day. Not very exciting, but something I've been meaning to do for ages. It's not a huge project, just priming some wood that boxes in some pipes.

I didn't fancy my usual sandwich for lunch and so I used up the last two eggs, crisped some streaky bacon, and piled them on top of toast and spinach. It. was. delicious!

I'd moved into the downstairs loo to paint some pipes that have been there, bare, for nearly 12 months. It's hellishly boring, and as I needed to leave 12 hours between coats I still haven't finished them. I've done a second coat but they need the final coat of colour. I love the end result of DIY but the actual doing it can get rather boring.

Once the pipes were finished I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do. So I went outside to enjoy the sunshine, and drink another cuppa whilst walking around in the warm air. I spent some time in the greenhouse, accompanied by my cats. They always follow me in there and find a warm spot to curl up in. Some general pottering led to me taking the tall step ladder outside and unsteadily balancing on top wielding a pair of loppers to tidy up the conifer trees (which one day soon I hope we'll be replacing). Andy would've had a shit fit if he'd seen me, but he was at work and he hasn't yet noticed my pruning efforts, so I think I got away with it.

Still outside I'd wandered around making a mental note of all the things I need to do. It's an exciting time of year in the garden.

I sat for some time Facetiming with my sister-in-law, a few minutes after the conversation ended the sun dipped behind the hedge and a chill entered the air. I went back inside to stoke up the fire that I'd been maintaining all day.

I often get stuck under Tinker, the girl cat, if I sit down for any length of time. Not that I'm complaining, I'd had a busy day with decorating, gardening, housework, and bringing in firewood. A rest was most welcome. I grabbed my book and sipped my cuppa, I told myself I'd get up when Andy got home.

I gave up waiting for Andy and started cooking, he's normally home by this time but the sugar beet was being lifted which elongated his day. He went to work at 5.45am, and was knackered by the time he got home. A hot meal, that was ready quite by chance as he walked through the door was most welcome. He was snoozing on the sofa not long after he'd finished.

I entertained myself with a large glass of red and Despicable Me 2 on TV. This was my last photo of the day but I followed the film with another, Jurassic World, before heading off to bed for just a little more reading before finally sleeping.

I had one plan for the following day - Sunday lunch at my Mum's house, which are always huge and delicious, Andy was working again so I took a spare plate which was piled high for him to enjoy later.

It was my wish at the beginning of the year to avoid that Sunday night feeling of a weekend wasted. My goal was to have a plan in place for the coming weekend by each Friday evening, and this weekend I certainly feel like I achieved a lot!

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting, I always enjoy taking part.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love misty, frosty landscapes, so I would have stepped outside to take that photograph too. The problem is that sadly we are lacking your view. Your eggy toast looks quite delicious! And my, have you been busy: pruning and decorating, all in one day! I didn't do nearly as much, just a bit of mending, charity shopping and a good long walk on Sunday! xxx

    1. We are very lucky to have such a view.
      Work has been a bit quiet over the last few weeks and when that happens I go into 'doing' overdrive so I don't feel like I'm wasting time!

  2. well you got a fair bit done, painting is so time consuming with all the prep and then clearing up, I have to do some but am hoping to get the three men involved over Easter. Your cats are beautiful.

    1. DIY is always nicer if you don't have to do it alone.

      Thank you, I think they're pretty special xx

  3. Socks and Tinker are gorgeous!
    What a lot you got done, that's what I call a productive day. Poor Andy, that does sound like a punishing schedule. xxx

    1. Thanks, they're not bad looking for a couple of moggies :)

      Andy's work is relentless, but he loves it.


  4. I like the look of your lunch *drools*.
    I'm enjoying my current book so much that I'm almost putting off finishing it as it'll be sad not to read it any more. Logical?!
    I'm looking forward to the garden drawing me out with things that need doing. xx

    1. It was delicious, and was more instagramable than my last photo an hour lunch - an omelette that fell apart!
      I don't like finishing a book I'm enjoying either, what are you reading? Although I do find when I'm nearing the end of a book Start to read faster, I have to force myself to slow down and take it all in!
      With the cold snap that's forecast I think I'll be staying inside for a while, the garden can wait a little while longer. BRrrr!

  5. Your view is utterly drool-worthy! I love the expanse of fields. It is lovely at my new house to be able to look onto farmland (well, behind the railway line!) and such a treat! That mince with veg looked so yummy!

    1. thank you, it's so nice to have something beautiful to look out at

  6. Lovely start to the day and it seems like a day that was productive and relaxing in equal measure. I hate the doing of DIY too but it has to be done to enjoy the end results!

    1. It was nice. The DIY was only a small job but it's nice to have it ticked off the list!

  7. I love the misty morning shots - looks like a lovely day. My February post is coming, but not for a few weeks haha!

    1. It was, and it has been good again this weekend, although v. cold!


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